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UCCX CSQ Routing

UCCX v11.6

We have an odd problem where agent resources are receiving calls from a CSQ/SK that they are not a part of. I checked multiple times to ensure they have the right skills and competence and also ensured that the CSQ is configured correctly.


We recently started providing agents with equipment to start working from home with Jabber softphone via VPN. So far, we only have around 5 people with this equipment testing at home, the other 35~ agents will still be on the property. We have only faced this issue with the agents who are working at home. (They also come in every so often and even at their desks they are experiencing this issue). Again, the agents who have not been set up with WFH equipment are NOT getting this issue.


** To be clear, the agents who have a hardphone and a softphone are using the same number for both, however, they know to always signoff of the devices before heading in or heading home **


Would we have to do anything with the CTI Route points for the CSQs for the new Jabber devices? 

VIP Mentor

Hard to say really.  Some logs would go a long way in shedding light on the problem.  Do you know how to pull/view the logs necessary for this type of issue?


Through RTMT correct? What services should I collect for?


RTMT > Trace & Log > Collect Files > CU CCX CLI/Cisco Finesse/ CU CCX Administration > Even View (App/Sys) ?


Yes, RTMT.  I would think CCX Engine would be sufficient, but you might want to enable ENG debugging and RmCm debugging in CCX Seviceability under Trace and then Configuration.

Also, it never hurts to have a corresponding CUCM CallManager trace set to go with it.


CCX Serviceability ENG & RmCm trace has already been enabled.

Attached are those files, I am using TranslatorX but I can't seem to open these files with it, I will also pull the CUCM RTMT logs as well.



TranslatorX doesn't work on UCCX logs.  You'll have to use a plain text editor.

Also, you should attempt to review the logs yourself.  Start with maybe following the search strings from this post (but using a text editor like Notepad++):


Thank you for the valuable information! I'll start looking right now, I already have Notepad++ downloaded!


From what I can already see, the agents that are operators are on the correct list that UCCX is pulling, so I don't see where it's going wrong. I'll keep looking, but that you very much for your help!