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UCCX CUIC default filters fixed the absolute date range filter

I'm using UCCX 10.5 which use CUIC to generate reports.

My customer needs to change the default filter on relative date range to 'This Month' so I change default filter to 'This Month'.

However; after changing default filter; the absolute date range was fixed on that day. For example I've changed default filter on 25th March 2015, the absolute date range filter will be shown 25th March 2015 - 25th March 2015 forever but my customer needs absolute date range filter to show Today date as before changing default filter.

Is there any way to change this default filter?


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Cisco Employee

Hey Rasik,

Hey Rasik,
We have a known defect on this UCCX build  10.5.
Reports for relative time of 'today' don't work after midnight UTC
When a report is run after midnight UTC (i.e. 4PM PST, 6PM CST) with a relative time of 'today' the report will be run for the following day rather than the current day. This results in the report being returned with no data.

The timezone setting for the reporting user within CUIC is blank. If this is changed the report will run correctly but will be reset to null at midnight. In the absence of a user timezone ideal behavior would be for CUIC to consider the server's timezone for date-time conversions from the data source timezone.

Run the report using the absolute date range.
Temporary workaround is to use the Absolute Date range to run reports on CUIC
Fix is on the 10.5 SU1 ES07 patch

Were you able to find a

Were you able to find a resolution to this, I believe I'm having the same problem. I copied a stock report in CUIC, made some changes to it and saved it as a custom report, now whenever the customer clicks on Absolute Date Range it always defaults to the date the report was copied and created as a custom report rather than today's date


I don't know if it's the same

I don't know if it's the same issue but with CUIC 10.6 I've found that if my report has a relative date range I must re-open and set the relative date range again.  These are the instructions I give my users:

  1. Close the report
  2. Reopen the report
  3. Set its relative date range
  4. Click the “Run” button
  5. Click the “Save” button

That’s it.  Now when you open the report the relative date range is saved/restored correctly.

Cisco Employee

For stock reports, the

For stock reports, the Absolute Date Range:

Check Only show results that are within a specific time period to enter a start and end time. If you do not check this box, the report shows all values from 12:00 a.m. of the first date in your range through 11:59 p.m of the last date in the range.

Check Only show results that are on certain days of the week to check/uncheck days. By default, all days of the week are checked.

Check the Only show results that are within a specific time period check box if you want to view data that is available during specific periods of time. This time interval will be applied to each day that you select in the previous step. The default time interval is 12:00 a.m to 11:59 p.m.


Re: Were you able to find a

I have this issue as well in CUIC Version:10.6(1) build 1 (10_6_1_11002_15) 


I copied a stock report and the absolute range stays at the date that it was copied. What's the fix for this?

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