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UCCX - CUIC Voice CSQ Live Data reports

Hi All,

I have a query regarding some of the live data stock reports available with UCCX 10.6:

1. Voice CSQ Agent Detail Report

2. Voice CSQ Summary report

Here is the scenario: 

There are two agents A and B and both of them are part of CSQs CSQ1, CSQ2 and CSQ3

If agent A answers a call in CSQ1, the "Voice CSQ Agent Detail Report" shows Agent A's state as "Talking" for all the three CSQs instead of CSQ1 alone. 

Similarly, the "Voice CSQ Summary" report increases the "Agents Talking" count by 1 for all three CSQs instead of CSQ1

In UCCE, there is an Agent State called "Busy Other". Is there anything similar to that in UCCX ? If not, have anyone of you found this report to be not acceptable and did some changes ? 

Any suggestions will be of great help.

I am sure there was a "Voice CSQ Detail" real time display available with CSD. Is there anyway to download that into CUIC ? 



Cisco Employee

Below are the only available Live Data Reports in UCCX 10.6 and they are As-Is which means no modification is possible whatsoever to them. Moreover, the state is for the agent hence it is showing like that but if you will look at the Total Calls field in the report then it should only be increased for the CSQ1 in this case and not for others




Hi Deepak,

Thanks for the response ! 

Please find the attached Finesse Supervisor Screenshot. 

There is this report "Voice CSQ Summary". The data displayed gives a perception as if the Agent is talking on all the CSQs. If Agent is talking on CSQ1, In UCCE the agent's state for SkillGoup2 and SkillGroup3 would be Busy Other. But in UCCX, the data is displayed as Talking for all the CSQs. 

Is there a way to display only the CSQ for which the agent is Talking and not display the other CSQs ? 




I think I have a way of showing you what you are looking for as this was requested to me in my current position. There is an option to add a field called "Skill Group" when editing the report views. The "Skill Group" is actually the name of the queue the agent is actively speaking in. So in your report, you will still see the agent as talking in ALL of the queues they are skilled for, but if you add this column to the report, you will know which queue is the active call.


Screenshot attached. Hope it helps. Sorry for all of the markups, I know it's ugly.


Seeing the same agent listed for each queue is the problem. If I have 20 agents and 10 queues each, that's a lot of scrolling. You will have to use thresholds which say CSQ equals Skill Group. You will also need a control CSQ as a threshold if you always want to see the agent name listed as "Ready" current state but CSQ is "Not Applicable." I named my control CSQ Not Applicable. Then you can use a view the way you want and just turn on the Only Thresholds slider. The problem then becomes that dashboards do not have the "Only Thresholds" option.