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UCCX Custom Call Variables

Carl Ratcliffe

Hi Support Community

We have a UCCX 8.5 cluster and we are creating a basic script with a menu prompt and 5 options. There is only going to be 1 CSQ as the contact centre staff will all answer the same calls and each option will have the same priority. What i want to do is after each of the 5 menu options branch report on each one separately so we know how many people have called in and selected option 1 and option 2 etc. I have done some research and it seems to point towards using Custom Variables however im not totally sure if this is the correct way to do it ?

The easy option would be to use a different CSQ after each of the 5 options however we use Cisco 7825 MCS servers so we can only have 25 CSQ and to do this would be pushing us to maximum CSQ capacity.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks, Carl Ratcliffe


Kartik Bhatia


Variables are the way to go. However you will have to do a DBWrite as well.

So get a var like 'OptionChosen' which gets an entry value like Sales to represent entry category, and when someone Press 1, rather than replacing the value - concatenate it instead to make it look like Sales1 and then under this salesmenu if someone press 3, you can concatenate it again to make it look like Sales13, now just before QtoCSQ, Write this to a DB. You will obviously have to export this table to excel or some other sw and run a formula/programme there to generate a report for you like this many calls came into Sales out of which this many Press 1 & then 3 and so on...

If you want you can also concatenate ANI & CLI to this value just before DBWrite, and the report can then give you what CLI calls came from and what ANI they dialled and what they chose - like a cradle to grave reporting.

Now one more thing - if you offer customers in Q to Press 1 to leave a VM or to be called back etc, then on these OptionPresses you will have to contaminate a final val to the var like VM1 or QB1 to capture this final options Press.

Hope I am making sense.

Kartik Bhatia

NO DB write required.

Under Call Contact in the CCX Editor Drag "Set Enterprise Call Info" onto your Script. Remeber to place this before the transfer!

I personally use the Varible1 as my Choose a Menu Option, ie Menu 1 or Menu 2..... remember the quotes.

Then I juse the Variable #2 for my "caller ID" or the selected caller.

If you need more info Search for "Set Enterprise Call Information"......

Run the Custom Reports query under HR or CUIC.

Thanks both for the response.

I have a need for more Variables than the current 10, can i create my own using Cisco Desktop Administrator ?

So in summary im tagging the call as it passes through the option then i can run a report on this tag ? Does anybody have an example script of how this is done ?


Thanks, Carl Ratcliffe

For all of my scripts I just use 2 Variables MAX. 10 is overkill, Just save the items in the same variables you really only need to save to the Variables when the person Leaves the Menu. OR Menu 1 is Variable 1, Menu 2 is to Variable 2., ETC. I can upload a script latter today when I am back in the office.

Hi Neal Haas,

Can you upload a sample script using the custom call variable

Thanks in advance



Sure.. Brian1mcc has a sample script available in the bottom of this discussion:


Add in "Set Enterprise Call Info", and let the variables be:


Values: "Menu1"

Names: (use variable 1) --Call.PerhiperalVariable1 --

Tokens: ALL


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