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Re: UCCX email queues

Hi Michael,

In the Side B of desktop administrator you can specify an email address for deleted emails to be forwarded to.

Also you can specify retention period for Emails sent and handled.

Settings are in Agent Email > Global settings

Settings are:

1) Retention Period for E-Mails Sent and Handled (Days)

2) tention Period for E-Mails Pending Delete and System Status (Days)

3) Retention Period for E-Mails Pending Review (Days)

4) Forwarding Address for Deleted E-Mails

There are other settings but not relevant to your query.

Hope this helps.



Re: UCCX email queues

Thanks very much Scott.

Is "Forwarding Address for Deleted E-Mails" effective for the emails deleted by agent only? I have this question because of the following explanation in the administration guide.

Forwarding Address for DeletedE-Mails

An external e-mail address to which all agent-deleted e-mails are sent. An administrator or supervisor can then review the deleted e-mails using a third-party e-mail client and determine if they should be requeued or permanently deleted..

Can you please confirm that if "Forwarding Address for Deleted E-Mails" is configured, when "Retention Period for E-Mails Sent and Handled (Days)" is expired and system deletes emails, the deleted emails will be forwarded to the configured address?

Thanks again!


Re: UCCX email queues

Hi Michael

As I understand it:

"forwarding Address for deleted e-mail" is intended to be an alternative e-mail addresse (probably one inside your organisation), that any e-mail an agent deletes is forwarded to. A superviros or similar can then acces this email account and check that deleted mails are really supposed to be deleted.If yes thats fine, if no then they can be sent back into Contact Center to be handled by an agent.

Retention period for E-mail deleted, is how long the mail remains in the pending delete folder of the ContactCenter e-mail account and has nothing with the e-mail address above. When retention periode is over, mail is deleted permanentely.

So in your case where you need to store e-mails for 10 years, you would probably need to create an e-mail account in your exchange where mails are forwarded to when answerede (use desktop admin/agent email/global settings/forwarding address for deleted e-mails) and also in "desktop admin/agent email/Contact Service Queue settings" you would need to define an address in BCC all response to e-mail address to make sure that all answers are saved also.

Then in exchange you would need to make sure that mails are store for the time you need (create a new folder every year and copy your files there)

Please be aware of the issues mentioned in my comment from december 2. I have created a TAC on this which is not solved yet.


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