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UCCX equivalent to Avaya VDN


I'm trying to determine if there is an equivalent concept in Cisco UCCX to Avaya's Vector Directory Number feature? I appreciate any insight you can lend.

Thank you

Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee

What exactly does this Avaya Vector Directory mPping feature do. What is the use of this in Avaya world. Once you provide this information, it will be easier to tell if something of this nature exist in UCCX or not



Hello Deepak,

My understanding is this is an extension that tells the system to run the call through a vector, which runs the call through a user-defined set of steps (a pipeline for handling the call).

Hmm I see so basically a logical set of steps that determines how the call will route from Point A to Point B. UCCX is all about this only wherein you define a script that is nothing but the logical set of steps you want to happen from the moment call enters in the call center and is not answered by agent

This includes playing callers with Welcome Message followed by giving them an option to choose 1, 2 or so on for their preferred mode of language and then finally reaching to an agent. There can be lot of other things in between as well depending on the requirements and UCCX without any doubt can fulfill all these. If you have already deployed UCCX then I think you should start playing with it to understand what all it can do and is capable of. In case, you are planning to buy it then your Cisco Accounts representative will be very much aware of similarities and differences between Cisco and Avaya call center products since it is their day to day job and he/she should be the best person to showcase what UCCX can and cannot do. From an user perspective, I would recommend that you go through the below Design Guide and Data Sheet in the meantime to understand what UCCX is all about and had to offer you:



Avaya VDN is equivalent to Service in UCCE. I think UCCE service is similar to Application in UCCX. So i can say Avaya VDN is similar to Application in UCCX.

in Avaya VDN point to Vector which pass the call to either announcement or desired skill group. Samething you should be able to achieve by using Application in UCCX.

Hope this helps.



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