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UCCX: Extracting from UCCX 11.0 DB

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Level 1

Kindly provide us the feasibility of extracting the tables from CISCO DB using our application Informatica system version 9.1 to be loaded on a
monthly basis to Data Warehouse. We want the tables that are behind to generate these below reports.

Agent Call Summary Report.
Contact Service Queue Call Summary Report.
Traffic Analysis Report.

We want the below points:
Tables and field names in the CISCO DB.
Field names in the CISCO DB. (i,e, every field in the Agent call summary report with its assigned field in the table in the data base level) Queries behind these report. Any filters also used in the DB. (i.e. Before generating the report agent call summary, is there any filters that is happening before generating the report.)

could use this tool to manage the UCCX DB directly from server?


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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Refer to below DB Schema guide for details about all the tables that exist in UCCX DB and lot of other information as well:

Attached to this thread is a zip file that contain all the default Stored Procedures which are used to pull the information available in the stock reports within CUIC. Your DBA can take help from them and can create their own SP in order to pull whatever information you require. Do not forget to assign execution privileges for the Custom stored procedure that you will create to uccxHrUserRole using the following command:

Example:grant execute on<your procedure name> to 'uccxHrUserRole';

Any application through which you can establish the Data Source connection to the UCCX and get access to the UCCX tables will work and Informatica can do this very efficiently. Information on creating the DSN can be found in below guide, refer to Create System DSN for Wallboard section:

Note : You will need to use uccxhruser instead of uccxwallboard while creating the System DSN since uccxhruser is the one that has got complete access to the DB tables



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Hello Deepak,


Do you know if these SQL queries changed in version 11.6?


Thank you.