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UCCX - finesse - call history for agent

Hi all


I was wondering when migrating customer from CAD to finesse, if anyone has solved how to display the call history to agents in Finesse.

This feature was built into the CAD but seems to be missing in Finesse and agents are complaining they used this list a lot in CAD.


Any input appreciated,.




Reena Mundary

There is not a generic live data gadget that comes with Finesse
that offers this functionality you are looking for. This will need to be done with a custom

I'm facing the same issue. We migrated to new uccx solution and agents are missing the call log history a lot...

Do you think that  displaying " Detailed Call by Call CCDR report" would be possible in finesse ?

Hi gentlemen,


I was able to use the CUIC sample gadget to display a custom Detailed Call Agent by CSQ report.


1.  Create a copy of the Detailed Call by Call CCDR report.

2.  Setup up the Default filter with the criteria you need

3.  Set bypass fileter.

4.  Edit the view and select the grid you'd like to use.  I used the default grid.  Select Links.  This will display Excel, XML, and HTML links.  I chose HTML.  Check the unauthorized access

5.  You'll need to then take the CUIC sample gadget and update the link in the cuic.js.  Also consider updating the height of the window from 300 to something like 600.  Making future changes to the javascript file after the desktop has loaded it may require a Cisco Finesse Tomcat restart for the change to take effect

6.  Upload files to the thirdpartygadget directory using an SFTP client.  You'll need to set the password at the CLI.  I'd recommend creating a directory under files to keep track of your gadgets

7.  Add a tab in the Finesse Desktop layout either in the global section or in the teams layout.  Be careful with the team layout section, as my experience has been in 10.6 that successive changes to the global layout are not reflected in the team layout.  They are not merged in.  You'd need to copy out your custom changes in the team layout, restore to the default of the global layout and put your team layout changes back in.

8.  Add in the gadget to the layout, something like, <gadget> \desktop\thirdpartygadget\files\callLogs\CUIC.xml </gadget>  Case sensitive ;-)

This will add all calls for the filter you chose.  I chose to select the time frame as 'Today', so it's a history for the day.

I did this for the supervisor to see all agent calls as well as a second report in another tab for the agents states for the day.  Each report grouped by agent and alphabetical.

The difficulty I'm having is this client has many different teams and I would need to create a custom report for each team.  I'm looking into having a parameter in the report that would allow me to have the team be what was selected by the supervisor on the Manage Team tab.

You'd need to be a bit more creative in how to pick the particular agent.  Something with Login ID.


Hope this helps.

Good Luck!

Excellent Steve..Thank you for making the job easier. 

Could you please help on how to upload gadgets into finesse using sftp. Documentation ahs very generic. 

Hi Mohamed,

Sure.  This leverages the 3rd party gadgets that Finesse supports

The first thing you'll need to do is set the password for 3rdpartygadgets (which is the username) by using the CLI of UCCX.  The command to do this is utils reset_3rdpartygadget_password.  Using something like Filezilla, WinSCP, or another FTP client that supports SFTP, you can login to the UCCX/Finesse server.

IP address: <uccx server>

username: 3rdpartygadget

password: <what you just set>

You'll have a files directory that you'd place your custom gadget files in.  As mentioned before I used the CUIC sample gadget which includes CUIC.css, CUIC.js, CUIC,xml, finesse-10.5.1.js, and jquery-1.9.1.min.js.  I recommended creating a directory under files to help organize any future gadgets added.  Copy all the files to this directory.  Now all you need to do is reference those files in the Finesse desktop layout.  The finesse and jquery javascript files need to be present for each gadget.  Therefore if you create separate directories, each one needs those 2 files.  If you place all gadgets in one directory, then only one copy is needed.

In the layout you'd put something like the following:

\desktop\3rdpartygadget\files\callLogs\CUIC.xml, callLogs is the directory I used to organize gadgets.  Omit this if you put all files in files.

If you have issues using that, you should be able to use the format of other URLs for th other gadgets in the layout.


Good luck!

Thanks a lot !! now i can upload files....




Any update to this issue?

my colleague has created a gadget to show individual agent calls, the gadget works fine if we e.g. download the xml file from the permalink which contains the info per agent - but we are having problems when we run this as a gadget.


The error we are experiencing is Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORSso if anyone knows how we can enable CORS on port 8444 for CUIC as a workaround or any other workaround for that matter - please let me know.





Hi Steve,

I am trying to access the 3rdpartygadget folder on my publisher and subscriber, but i am not able to see  the call history folder. Can you help me in this regard.

We are trying to enable call history in cisco finesse. Is there any other way to access the CUIC report from the UCCX.

Hi Nik,

There is no call history directory.  It is not necessary, but will keep gadgets organized if you have multiple custom gadgets.

Hi Steve

I have uploaded gadgets as below

added in Desktop layout

Edited CUIC.js with permalink from the server. (given all access to users / unauthenticated access)

While logging in it does try to display gadget but with error message as below


Please let me know how do we fix this.







Hi Mohamed,


I hope you've since been able to get past this challenge.  If you have not, the issue you're having evolves solely around certificates.  One suggestion, which is more and more the way Cisco suggests is best practices, is to get CA certificates from a known provider.  This will ensure that it is a valid certificate and doesn't constantly need to be accepted by each new attempted or new location your running a browser from.

If this is IE, alternatives are to download the certificates from the servers and install them.  This is cumbersome if you have a large number of agents.

As a note, make sure that the hostname of your server is lowercase.  This is a requirement.  If you've changed the hostname from uppercase to lowercase using the change hostname process, make sure you've removed the certificates defined with uppercase from the certificate management, as these are not cleaned up.


Good luck,

Hi Steve 


I am able to pull the report inside the Gadget , now i am trying to have filter within the permalink. I have tried it but didnt worked.Please let me know how we can do it.




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