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Nabeel Minhas

UCCX Finesse from external



Currently our agents working from home login to citrix remotely from where they launch Finesse (UCCX) on Citrix Chrome browser using jabber MRA.  There are regular issues with Citrix infrastructure due to which staff can't login to Finesse. So I am looking at some sort of contingency plan whereby staff can login to Finesse even if remote citrix access is not available ...


One option would be to make Finesse externally accessible from client's home PC i.e. Have the Internal Finesse URL map to a public URL (using Citrix Net Scaler VIP .. I know still Citrix but the one giving grief is citrix on-prem servers) ... Has anyone gone down this path and tested to see if it works? Guessing it will prompt for certificate pop-up as they're using their home PC (not work PC where we have CA trusted identity certs) ....


Even if the client were to accept certificate pop-up and accept, does the idea of being able to access Finesse from external (via Net scaler) actually works ? Disregarding the obvious security implications here and the fact Cisco is not going to support this ....More keen to see if the idea works ! appreciate any thoughts on this ... thanks. 

Amer rajai Sha'er
Rising star



I dont think what you are looking for is supported, i have not done this but i have read alot about it.

Cisco finesse only supports 1:1 mapping, where the external FQDN resolves the private IP , so you need a dedicated NAT mapping for the finesse

Finesse NAT.JPG

Now, regarding the Certificate, i dont think that is an issue, you can download the certificate and install it manually on any PC and it will be trusted, its like using a on-domain PC to access finesse.



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