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UCCX Finesse: Google Chrome

Hi all,

Based on the v11 compatibility matrix, only IE10, IE11 and FF30+ is supported.  

Any idea if Google Chrome will be officially supported? Or anyone has used it in UCCX v11 so far?



Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee

As of now No, however I believe 11.5 onwards Google Chrome should be supported for Agent, Supervisor and Finesse Administration.



I am using Finesse 11.5(1) with Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) and Finesse was recently rolled out and for the first month or so seemed to work fine.  One day about a week ago, (I have the site pinned when I open Chrome) I am getting a Cisco error 404 resource not available.  At first I used the bookmark to reopen, but now it won't work anymore.  The blue login screen shows up for a second then the URL changes and I get the error.  It works in Chrome on second computer I have and works in IE on this machine.  I'd like it to work on Chrome on this machine for expediancy reasons.  Any ideas!

VIP Engager

I've used Chrome with no problems for quiet a few versions even though it's not officially supported.



I did too, until just recently.  In fact, I was the same result all morning, 404 not available, and was successful with another computer (and Chrome) and with IE on this machine.  I must have refreshed with the bookmark 7 or 8 times and always get the 404, until about 15 minutes ago, it magically works.  I am stumped, but glad it works.

We have found (running UCCX 10.6) that Chrome accepts updates automatically upon system startup. These updates often cause incompatibility with some applications, but not all. We have never experienced this same issue with IE or FF; either it works or it doesn't, but it does not change mid-stream.

I personally use FF for everything except VSphere (it only likes IE for some reason).


John B

We recently upgraded to 

UCCX System version:  -  Cisco Finesse v11.6(1).  We have all functions in Chrome EXCEPT the SocialMiner Chat dropdown box for going ready.  It's like the button is disabled.  Do you have SocialMiner Chat and Email running with Chrome?  We were using IE but are having trouble with live data - and I've read that IE doesn't support "toaster" which our Contact Center needs, especially with Chat and Email, they need an audible alert.  I read that Chrome supports toaster, but if I can't get the drop down ready mode to work, I can't use Chrome.  Suggestions are welcome, and please note, our IT Department will not allow Firefox.  

I have the same issue. Where you able to get it working with Chrome?

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