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UCCX Finesse , Opening any website in a gadget like CAD

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We have migrated to Cisco Finesse from CAD.

In CAD we can Open our CRM website inside a Window. Now we need similar functionality in Finesses. We don't need Pop Up but the wesite should open inside the Finesse Interface.


Is there  any method to achieve  it. I searched Cisco Doc but couldn't find the information anywhere.





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You can use an iFrame in a gadget, and put that gadget either in a row or in its own tab in the finesse layout.


NOTE:  If you have Finesse set up to use HTTPS, you will need to make sure that your CRM app uses https for everything it loads, and that the finesse server and the browser both trust the CRM app's certificate (either through a valid chain or through manually uploading the cert to the tomcat-trust store).

iFrame ? 

Does this need Programming skills based on API ?


Excuse me as i am very poor in HTML and Programming ?


I tried to use the  sample gadget from Cisco

I used the Embedded Web App Sample Gadget 10.5.1 Gadget but 

the problem is that it do not adjust the height according to the  website called .

Like i am trying to Call AQM Portal but unable to increase the height of the window.

Attached is the snapshot





Yeah, it needs basic XML and Javascript coding skills.  You're going to need to be able to figure out how to get the canvas size for the content and resize the iframe or execute the adjustheight feature of the gadget.

Finesse is a bit of a double edged sword.  It is more powerful and highly customizable.  The downside is that it can be significantly more deep (technically speaking) than CAD for doing some basic things.  The easy way to get your CRM app open is the browser pop to new tab/new window.

If you need it in the finesse UI you will need to get the sample app to work properly for your needs or custom-code a gadget to do so.

The problem is most likely that the content height changes after the initial load-up... so the gadgets.window.adjustHeight() function is called when it thinks the iframe content will be X, and then a split second later the content loads to a much larger size.  You could statically set the height of the gadget on load, and remove the gadgets.window.adjustHeight() from the .js file part of the gadget, to take up the entire frame.  That's my quick and dirty recommendation for fixing this.

Getting much deeper than that, I would have to recommend consulting with a Cisco Partner or vendor to help develop a more clean solution.


I consulted one web designer , without going int to extreme coding or  customization he just pointed out to make a correction in  CSS file . the px was missing in height parameter. I don't know Web Designing but any way it is working now with this adjustment .



#displayFrame {
    border: 1px solid;


#displayFrame {
    border: 1px solid;


That actually makes perfect sense.

Cisco Added almost every function inside finesse as a sample gadgets, here is the link:

you can download, edit them to your environment (there is a readme file inside each gadget to help you edit) upload it to finesse and test


How did you call AQM portal to the gadget?

I have the same need for my customer.

Calabrio provides two gadgets by default -

    Calabrio Recording Controls gadget - for recording controls
    Cisco Quality Management Playback gadget - to playback recordings


 1. Login to QM Web Base server and copy the following required folders onto your desktop -

     Finesse Version 10.0.1:

     C:\Program Files\Cisco\WFO_QM\Jetty\- work\cone_ui\webapp\gadgets\RecordingControlsGadgetFinesseURL-10.0.1
     Finesse Version 10.5.1:

     C:\Program Files\Cisco\WFO_QM\Jetty\- work\cone_ui\webapp\gadgets\RecordingControlsGadgetFinesseURL- 10.5.1

2. Open the RecordingControls.xml file and make the following changes:

     a. Change the IP address passed to the finesse.modules.EmbeddedWebAppGadget.init function in this XML file to match
the QM Web Base server address.


     b. Change the peripheral_id passed to the finesse.modules.EmbeddedWebAppCadget.init function to 1.

3. UCCX has a 3rdpartygadget account to upload third-party gadgets. Before you can use this account, you must set the password. Login to UCCX cli and run "utils reset_3rdpartygadget_password".

4. Now use SFTP and login to UCCX using the username '3rdpartygadget' and the password you set in the above step. Create the following new folder and paste the contents from the folder you copied in step 1 in here-


/3rdpartygadget/files/RecordingControls (via Filezilla or any other SFTP client)


/opt/cisco/3rdpartygadget/root/files/RecordingControls (via root)

5. Navigate to Finesse Admin web page > Desktop Layout and paste the following XML content in the Finesse Layout XML -


<id>Calabrio Recording Controls</id>





 Note: There will be a txt file named 'Finesse Layout' in the folder in step 1. You can verify the XML contents from there too.

 6. Relaunch and relogin to Finesse Desktop. It will now have a new tab for recording calls via QM.

 For further details, refer to QM Integration Guide:

You can always refer to below link as well for Finesse Sample Gadgets



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I was following the steps and but the recording control didn't display on the Finesse page , anyone had same problem ? 



This might happen if you embeded the gadget as HTTP vs HTTPS and caused mixed secure content to load in the browser. Can you confirm if your references to QM are HTTP or HTTPS in the Finesse Layout/Gadget XML?


I'm able to get the recording controls gadget to work, but I only want the Pause and Resume buttons to show up.  Do you know where I can modify the button layout?  I've tried changing the file, but that didn't work.  I've also tried modifying some .css files but they get overwritten.  Thanks!

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