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UCCX Hangs when making changes for 10 to 20min

We are currently running uccx 11.6.1, but this has been around since we were on 10.x.

If you are in UCCX and make a change like add a skill or add a secondary supervisor.

The screen will hang for 10 to 20min then error.

You click cancel then go back in and your change will succeed with no problem.

Issue might not come back for the rest of the day or a couple days.


Apparently tac and a var were consulted and no one has been able to fix this issue.

I'm also told that this has followed a hardware upgrade and only the scripts were brought over.

I don't see anything thing crazy in RTMT

so reallly odd.

Any thoughts?





Do you have self-signed certs or CA signed certs? Do you notice this problem regardless of which browser is used (i.e. Firefox, IE, Chrome)? Are you running High Availability over the LAN, or over the WAN? Where are your servers located at... local or thousands of miles away? What's the RTT between the UCCX servers? Have you restarted any services or rebooted the servers yet? If you can, reboot the UCCX server that's currently on standby - check UCCX Serviceability.

I don't believe this is related to your problem but when you perform a major upgrade, for example, from 10.x to 11.x... all of your scripts, docs, prompts, configs, etc. carry over. After you upgrade, you should download and install the new Cisco Unified CCX Editor (11.x) located under UCCX Administration webpage > Tools > Plug-ins. Open and validate your scripts, then save them. Refresh the Applications. It doesn't hurt to try this.



Yes, we notice regardless of browser and we have found if we close the browser and try to log back in the session will hang until completed.

I’m not sure on the certs I’ll need to verify, would it matter?

We are running HA between two states, so probably thousand or miles but the RTT 48ms

Server has been restarted many times this issue has been going on for a couple years.

We did go through all the scripts after the last upgrade. 



Let me step back...

You said, "We are currently running uccx 11.6.1, but this has been around since we were on 10.x.". 

What release were you running prior to 10.x?

Did you upgrade the existing servers or did you perform a fresh install?

What do your VM Configurations look like? Here's the link to the Virtualization for UCCX document. Notice, the hardware requirements (i.e. CPU, RAM, Disk, etc.) for UCCX often changes between major releases. If you didn't manually change the VM Configurations to match the OVA or if you didn't perform a fresh install using the UCCX_11.6_vmv8_v2.5.ova template. You might be experiencing performance issues. Please check your VM Configurations and monitor the CPU usage, available storage, etc. through CLI, RTMT or vSphere.

NOTE: The number of Disks and Disk Size hasn't changed since 8.x, however, if you originally installed UCCX based on the 100 Agents OVA template but overtime you added more licenses (seats), scripts, features, etc. You might encounter performance issues down the road.

Another possibility might be unsupported browser versions, browser settings such as compatibility view or strict security settings. Your network might be over-utilized, if so, that might be difficult to pinpoint the root cause because you might be impacted by multiple bottlenecks within the network. Start by looking at the Task Manager on your local PC. Perhaps UCCX is slow to respond because everything on your network is slow to respond (i.e. CPU is constantly 100%). If okay, then check the UCCX servers (i.e. network connectivity, dns, ntp, etc.). Perform a packet capture on UCCX via CLI or RTMT.

Does the packet capture reveal any network related problems? Blocked ports?

And finally, you can always upgrade to 11.6(2) and see what happens. This problem may or may not be related to a bug. With that said, I didn't find a bug pertaining to your particular problem but there's another bug (CSCvg04998) which observed slowness loading reports for CUIC 11.6(1). This problem was resolved with release 11.6(2). Just saying.

Good luck!!!


I'll need to verify with team on what version they were on on when they upgraded.  I was not here then.
I'm under the impression it was an upgrade. I'll need to double check.
We have a list of some other bugs we are hitting that is also recommended for 11.6.2, but we are in a freeze till Feb.

i'll take a look a utilization on laptop and rtmt and such next time it happens.