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UCCX- How to Synchronize Config data store with Historical data store

                   Currently my customer having 5 agents only. but historical reporting client shows old agents as well.

Please advise how synchronise Config db and historical db.

Thanks and Regards,


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UCCX- How to Synchronize Config data store with Historical data

This is working as intended. Inactive agents are retained in the database as long as there are records that pertain to them. Deleting them entirely would alter the results of many historical reports. When enough time has passed that you no longer need reports from when those agents were handling calls you can delete them from the Inactive Agent listing.

Admin Guide, Implications of Deleting Inactive Agents (page 195):

When Unified CCX detects that the agent no longer exists in Unified CM, it does not automatically delete that agent from the Unified CCX database. Instead, the Unified CCX Resources page displays a new link called Inactive Agents. When you click this link, Unified CCX displays a list of agents deleted from Unified CM but still existing in the Unified CCX database. In this case, select the agents to delete from Unified CCX by checking the check box next to the required agent (or select all agents for deletion by clicking Check All). Then click Delete to remove the selected agents from the Unified CCX database. Unless you follow this procedure, agents deleted in Unified CM will continue to appear in the agents list in the Unified CCX Resources page, but they will not be able to log in as the Unified CM authentication will not be successful.

CautionDeleting Inactive Agents removes the agent details and records from the Historical Reporting Database and HR reports will not display historical information of these agents.

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UCCX- How to Synchronize Config data store with Historical data

Hi Jonathan

Thanks a lot for the help.. I tried but still the same.

Please see below my Agents and reporting client screen shot.  Currently we have 2 resources  but hds still listing old agents as well.

Please advise… it would be much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,


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