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Ask Me Anything - October 2020


UCCX - How to write call end time to an external database after the agent ended the session

Hi everybody,

Our customer needs a custom report which will give us all the steps entered in the IVR  and call duration. We know this call duration is in the CUIC reports but they want to see this data in the custom report and how can we get this call end time information from IVR to an external database ?  We can do this with linked server sql query or ETL but what we want to learn is that if we can get this info via IVR step since the customer does not allow us implementing a linked server from SQL to Informix due to global policy  ?


thanks alot for your kind answers in advance


Sedat Duztas


VIP Collaborator

In the UCCX script, we have the four Database commands. DB Get, DB Read, DB Release, and DB Write. Between these steps, you can access, read, write, and delete from an external database. The script can get overly complicated at times

Create the data source in CCX Admin first, then you can start working out the script in CCX Editor.

See below reference for some details on the DB Steps.

Hi Mike,


Sorry for the late response, yes we can transfer the data from the IVR to custom databases via the methods you mentioned and also it is an issue putting a transfer method to all places in the IVR and make the system complex but  we need to do this since the customer requests it. But here what I wanted to learn is that can we learn and get the time the agent ends the call after talking to the customer or not ?  We can learn which agent gets the call but no idea when the call ends.  It can be difficult,I think. 


thanks for the response. 

VIP Mentor

The record wouldn't be written until the call ended, so the triggering even would either have to be the Agent hanging up, or a polling interval for new records from the external source. Can you handle either case, or is one preferable over the other? Also, is this Finesse or CAD?
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