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UCCX .. I'm sorry, we are currently experiencing system problems error


Hi All,

I am new to scripting and I created a scrpt for a group, everything is working fine but when the call comes to queue and the agent deosn't pick the call, the

caller hear "

I'm sorry, we are currently experiencing system problems and are unable to process your call. Please try again later

I have attached the script, any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



I figured out the error and was able to fix this issue.. Thanks!!!

Great, for future reference to others MIVR longs are useful in this case as well as Reactive script debug.


Thanks Chris.  I did the reactive debug but my error was at the trigger(partitions and CSS)

I have the same problem but when iam dailing from mobile to uccx .. but when from extention to uccx it works ? So wut maybe the problem from ?


example : when iam dailing from mobile the the welcome massage up .. when I pressed 1 .. said : iam sorry Currently experiencing System Problems ?

Please share the details of the fix. It will be helpful for beginners like me.

Sure Nirmal

1. Make sure you have assigned right partitions and CSS in the trigger

2. As Chris suggested, do the reactive debug to trobleshoot the issue.

Thanks Ulambaday


I have the same problem, but I have already checked partition and CSS, and are all the same but still fails, could be another thing?


What do you get whe you do reactive debug? Have you pulled the MIVR logs?


Hi chris

i see logs from RTMT but i dont know exactly what to look for, i get from engine these logs:







i call to triggers 990-993, and no one is running fine, in someone play user prompts and after ir system promtp "in this moment we are currently...." in other trigger directly play system prompts.

I have checked scripts and all are fine because this is a copy from a customer and there with a CIPC calling to 990 play prompts and redirect to agents in a contact center.

So the problem must to be in configuration from my uccx9, partition and CSS are fine, all in internal and CSS_L1

So, what i must to look for in the logs and in wich one?


Antoher question,

Is compatible a script from version 5.0(2)SR02 in a UCCX9 ?

I took that script and put in a uccx9 with the same configuration o prompts, scripts, DN, etc.


This is my script and the error i receive

when i debug receive this

can anybody help me? What i dont understand is why is running fine the same script in the customer and in my mock-up not.


Did you call into the script or just hit debug?

Is this being invoked as sub-flow or directly as a script?


Hi Chris

The problem is into the script, this script comes from former version and in this new version 9 are incompatible by a BBDD issue.

I need to reconfigure the script for version 9.


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