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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


UCCX integration - CSQ data



We are working on an integration with Cisco UCCX (

We need to get skill aggregated data in 15 minute intervals.

The skill data that is needed per interval is: Call volume (handled + abandoned), Handled calls, Average handle time, Average speed of answer and Service level

The data needs to be retrieved near realtime and since the data is not final until the calls end, we need to retrieve the same interval a few times, for example:

  • For skill A between 10:00-10:15, there is a single call that begins at 10:10 and ends at 10:40. It means that the metrics should be: #handled=1, AHT=30 minutes.
  • If we will query UUCX about the 10:00-10:15 interval at 10:16 we will not get AHT=30 as it is not known at this time. Only if we query after 10:40 will we get this data.

What would be the correct way to retrieve the data?

We consider using sp_csq_all_fields SP directly on UCCX database using IBM Informix ODBC driver or using "CSQ All Fields Report" but we are not sure it can retrieve aggregated data of 15 minutes and if it can be activated a number of times on the same time period.


if someone has experience on such integration, help would be appreciated.


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