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Jason Pennell

UCCX IP Phone Agent Enterprise Data Screen

Hello all,

I have a customer that would like to do Wrap Up codes on UCCX but does not want the Enterprise Data screen on the phone to pop up and be prominant on UCCX calls and it seems the only way I can get wrap up codes to work for IP Phone Agent (IPPA) users is to go into the Deskto Admin webpage and specify the "rmcm" username and password under the "BIPPA User Login" section, which enables that Enterprise Data screen to show on the phones when they answer a UCCX call.

Is there a way to get the wrap up codes on IPPA without the Enterprise Data screen popping up? 

I have UCCX Express Premium 8.5.1 with CUCM 8.5.1.

Thanks a lot!



Not as far as I'm aware - it's that user account that allows BIPPA to 'push' stuff to the screen... which is what the wrap input will rely on.

I get lots of customers complaining that the stats disappear, and then when you fix their BIPPA account they complain they can't get at their normal softkeys :-(

Can't win with IPPA.

Have you considered using CAD, or perhaps CAD-BE if installing CAD is an issue?



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Thank you for the reply Aaron.  That's unfortunate the two can't be seperated.  So far I've mainly been getting the same complaint that softkeys are unavailable without first pressing the Services button to clear the stats screen.  I let the customer know about the CAD but they like logging in via the phone.  If there is truly no way to seperate the Enterprise Data screen and the wrap up codes then they will have to make a choice on if they want to either go with CAD, deal with the Enterprise Data screen, or forgo wrap up codes all together.

Thanks again for the information Aaron.  If anyone has anything additional to add that may be helpful then please let me know.  I rate helpful posts.

Hi Jason

I'd consider pointing out the other advantages of CAD over IPPA as well:

Call control from CAD

Proper fault tolerance (i.e. support for HA without having to use two seperate phone services, and automatic failover)

Monitoring/recording (without SPAN)

Possibility for Full call recording

Potential for desktop integration (macros, browser etc)

Better stats display for the agent

Better enterprise data display for the agent

Chat/marquee messages


Agent email etc.


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

Thank you Aaron.  All great points to make the CAD an easier sell.  I appreciate the information.

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