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UCCX Licencing

Customer has a Cisco UCCX Contact Centre and the license file applied only shows 100 total IVR ports available. This figure is wrong if you follow the Cisco license document for UCCX. This states that for every one agent (seat) you get two IVR ports, up to a maximum of 400 (based on hardware). As such, license shows 100 IVR ports and this would mean, based on Cisco’s documentation, that there only have 50 agents/seats. In fact, customer is licensed for 295 agents and therefore should actually have 400 IVR ports available.


However, it is more complicated than this because, this error maybe because they are not running on the correct virtual hardware, and when we look at the UCCX specifications in vSphere it appears customer is using 2xCPU’s, 10GB ram and 1x146GB vDisk. To reach 400 IVR ports you need to run the VM with 4 CPU’s,16GB of ram and 2x146GB vDisk, see:


Now, if memory serves the VM spec for UCCX is determined by the OVA file that was installed, so I think that we have been given the wrong file based on the number of Agents that we was licensed for customer, namely 295.


How do we fix this problem?

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Wow, yes, you basically nailed the problem. Now for the bad news. You need to take a backup of the system, delete it, rebuilding it with the correct OVA template size (400 Agents) and then restore your backed up data to it.

You should know that the OVA file for the 100, 300, and 400 sizes is the same file, it's during the OVA deployment wizard where you select the size.
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