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UCCX Licenses needs

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We are in the process of renewal our UCCX and we I'm trying to understand below UCCX lic points to determine our needs .

- What is Cisco Unified CCX Premium Seat ?

- what is Cisco Unified CCX Maximum Agents and how i cant calculate our needs or how i can check the usage ?

- How many calls can IVR can handle in same time ?

Total IVR Port(s): 2

Cisco Unified CCX Premium Seat(s): 1

High Availability : Disabled

Cisco Unified CCX Preview Outbound Dialer: Enabled

Cisco Unified CCX Advanced Quality Manager Seat(s): 10

Cisco Unified CCX Workforce Manager Seat(s): 10

Cisco Unified CCX Compliance Recording Seat(s): 10

Cisco Unified CCX Maximum Agents: 100


Thank you 



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You have to switch to subscription based licenses, as the old licensing model has reached its end of life.
Standard has essential contact center capabilities. Premium has the same plus email, chat, social channels like SMS and Facebook Messenger, and outbound predictive and progressive dialing features. Supervisors need Premium.

The new licenses are concurrent based.

You can find out more about the Contact Center licensing from this link:

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I love UCCX, but Cisco is clearly pushing UCCX customers towards WxCC. It is still supported, but it doesn't look like it has much emphasis on new features going forward.

Agreed, it’s obvious that the minimum of features are coming to CCX and the main focus is to move every CCX install to WxCC. 


UCCX has always been the black sheep, i feel.

With every New version of CUCM you get a new version of Unity, CER, everything... except UCCX. 
So, I can't upgrade to CUCM 15, because I use UCCX... I always have to wait 6-12 months before UCCX is updated.