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UCCX 'Place Call' step is 'Successful' but not transferring inbound call to outbound call

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Level 1

I am building a UCCX script (11.6.2) which has the called enter an account code, performs a DB lookup for a contact phone number, and then places an outbound call to that external phone number.


I can see on my CUCM RTMT call logs that the outbound call is connecting and being answered by the external service - it goes to an IVR menu.  My CUBE shows the call drops after 32 seconds which is the IVR menu looping for input then disconnecting.


On the UCCX editor debugging I can see the call hit the 'Place Call' Successful option and it plays a prompt I have put there.  


The script doesn't connect the original inbound call contact to the outbound call contact.  Is there another 'step' I need to complete this or is something else missing?

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It's been a while since I've done this, but I believe you really don't want to play or hangup the call in the successful branch. You could do some reporting if you wanted to, but ultimately you're done with the call once you do the place call step.



Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

@david.macias mentioned it already, but to rephrase it: UCCX cannot take two separate Contacts and connect them together.  E.g., When the original inbound call comes in, the Contact is referred to as "Triggering Contact"  and when you use the place call step you capture the Contact created here as outCall.  There is no step or mechanism which would allow you to connect "Triggering Contact" to outCall.  Instead, you would need to use either the Call Redirect step or Call Consult Transfer step, neither of which create a second Contact to work with, and instead, simply redirect the "Triggering Contact" elsewhere.

Hi Anthony,


Thank you for the explanation, that has clarified why this calling scenario isn't working.


I have followed up my 'call redirect' step option, when testing the feature from a internal device (Jabber) the call processes as expected (hooray!)

BUT when calling from an external PSTN call, the outbound call fails.


I have put my call logs through Translator X and have discovered that the CSS and Partition of my outbound call is doing something extremely strange with Translation patterns.  We have an HCS platform with VOSS4UC so it adds layers of location based complexity to investigate.


A CSS issue should be easy to fix so you should be fine. As for your script, there's no point in doing a hold. You might as well direct the caller to your agents to have them do a manual transfer or send them to VM.



The call is placed from the CTI ports associated with CCX, so make sure the CSS assigned to these ports has access to partitions that are referenced by the external route/translation pattern. In addition if your deployment is using Standard Local Route groups make sure the proper device pool of the dialing device has SLRG defined with access to PSTN.