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UCCX Pre-Upgrade Tool - Changing IP & Hostname

I am planning a migration from UCCX 5.0 to UCCX 8.5.

I will go from version 5.0.2 to 8.0.2 to 8.5.X

Will the UCCX Pre-Upgrade tool allow me to change the Host Name and IP address of the server?

In other words, can I restore to a different Hostname and IP address?

I want to keep the original UCCX 5 servers on line until the new servers have been fully tested.

The new UCCX servers will be pointing to a new CUCM cluster.

Thanks, Randall


UCCX Pre-Upgrade Tool - Changing IP & Hostname


I don't think you do have to keep those the same. I've done this a number of times and don't recall paying much attention to maintaining the names or addressing.

That said, you can run the pre-upgrade tool any time you like. I would run an export, and then build a VM with the intended UCCX version - then restore to that. That will prove your process is OK (i.e. both import/export work) and you can prove to yourself that you don't need to have the same name/IP.



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UCCX Pre-Upgrade Tool - Changing IP & Hostname

Thanks, I give it a shot.


UCCX Pre-Upgrade Tool - Changing IP & Hostname

Hi Randall,

Yes, you can change the hostname and ip address of the UCCX while performing Windows to Linux upgrade, but care must be taken that all the clients (CAD\CSD\CDA\HRC\Editor) needs to be reinstalled frreshly, as they wont go through auto upgrade.

Hope it helps.


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UCCX Pre-Upgrade Tool - Changing IP & Hostname

HI Randall,

Were you able to successfully restore the PUT backup without retaining the original ip addres and hostname?




UCCX Pre-Upgrade Tool - Changing IP & Hostname

I'm also going through the same process (installing new CUCM and UCCX clusters in parallel to the existing production clusters). Here is my setup:

Existing production:

CUCM - 6.1

UCCX - 5.0(2) [2 nodes]

New cluster:

CUCM - 8.6

UCCX - going to be 8.5 eventually, but for using PUT tool, I'm installing 8.0(2) first with a new hostname/IP address [going to be 2 nodes]

So will the PUT tool let me keep the new hostname/IP address for new UCCX server? Also what will happen to the HA node (which came as part of PUT restore)? Can I just delete it after the PUT succeeds and then add the new HA node with new name/IP address and install 8.x UCCX?

Any inputs are really appreciated?




UCCX Pre-Upgrade Tool - Changing IP & Hostname

Thanks for the answers. I have not tried it yet, I will be trying the upgrade in a few weeks.

Vikas, I understand that you have to use the PUT version for the UCCX version that you will be restoring to.

So, you need to use the PUT for 8.0(2), not the latest version for 8.5(1)

Thanks again, i will rate replies when I have tried it out..

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