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UCCX Premium 5.0(2) Delay step not working

I currently have a script that once a call is queued I play a prompt, then put the call on hold, I then have a delay step for 60 seconds, then unhold the call and play another prompt.  I have 4 scripts that are all doing this correctly.  I have one script that does not wait the full 60 secons.  It simply delays for a second then continues on. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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UCCX Premium 5.0(2) Delay step not working

It's probably something basic:

  • Was the script created/edited using the same version CRS Editor as the CCX server is running? You may experience odd behavior if you're using an editor across CCX server versions, particuarly older server versions than the editor.
  • Did you upload the script to the repository? Have you refreshed the script and the application?
  • If you delete the delay hold/delay/unhold step sequence, save the script, and then re-add them does the problem go away? Recall that the steps represent Java code under the covers; it's possible that something is corrupted in the script/code.
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UCCX Premium 5.0(2) Delay step not working

My guesss is that in the scripts that are working the delay step has the time in milliseconds (E.g., 60000), and in the script where it's not working it's in seconds (E.g., 60).

I have made this mistake several times myself, and just end up doing this sometimes:


int queue_moh_delay_seconds = 30


Delay (queue_moh_delay_seconds * 1000)

Anthony Holloway

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