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UCCX - Recording outgoing calls?


Is it possible to record outgoing calls with UCCX? We're recording all inbound calls and everything works fine there but no outgoing calls are showing up. I spoke to someone from the company that services our uccx and they said they didn't think it was possible to record outgoing calls. Is it and if so how do I do it?

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I can't believe nobody has run into this before... Anybody?

See attached screenshots.

please rate posts.

- andy

Hi adignan . Thank you for your post with screen shots. it is nice of you help with screen shots. Pls keep up the work. Pls do answer to all the question which you know and pls keep watching the forum and answer.



I appreciate your help and awesome screenshots but I don't see the same screen you do. For some reason I don't have the "Work Flow Configuration". We have version 5.0 Enchanced of the desktop administrator. The tabs I see are Enterprise Data Configuration, Desktop Configuration, and Personnel configuration. I've clicked on every possible tab and don't see the kind of stuff that you see or anything that says anything about recording. Any ideas?

Ah. Shoot :) that was from my UCCX 7 server. The Outbound Workflows are new in 7 (to be released any day now).

Unfortunately, you will have to wait to upgrade to 7. I can say, we have done an EFT with UCCX 7 and its solid and the upgrade of 5 to 7 works great so I wouldn't sweat going to UCCX7 pretty soon after it comes out.


When using workflows to record calls, in wich folder are they stored?



Sorry for the simple question.

It's the same folder as any recording

\wafavvid\Desktop_audio !



Have you checked if Outbond calls get recorded? I have CCX Prem 7 SR1, only inbound calls get recorded, not outbond, even the workflow is configured for all calls to get recorded. Can you please confirm that in your deployment outbond calls also get recorded? Thank you in advance.


This is possible with Workforce Optimization's Quality Management software. This will allow automatic call recording for all in and out bound calls.


we are deployin UCCX 7.0 and trying to guess if ooutbound calls can be recorded from Agent Desktop (I mean Agent workstation), I heard somethign about outbound module which we do not have.

Also we have been suggested about installing a "Calabrio" client.

Could you please help us.

Sorry for the questions, er are new in this stuff.

Thx in advance.

Well, your queries are already answered by " clachoi ". Please elaborate if you need any further details.


With UCCX 7.0 you can set desktop administrator voice workflow to record the outbound calls, but this have never being the purpose of the UCCX recordings (it is for on demand records). So it is better to use the Quality Management software that clachoi and Gajanan already told you about it. Also you have to keep in mind that this UCCX recordings will not be a good option if you want to upgrade to UCCX 8.x (linux based) because of the fact that the size of the storage repository within the server is too low for storage a 100% calls.


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