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UCCX Script -- 1 user / 2 queues



I am looking for some help with UCCX script. I have a scenario where there are users that are supposed to take call from 7-9 am for Support queue. Then from 9-3, this same set of users should take call from Sale queue. The way I have a script now is that this group gets call from both queue through out the day. How can I change so this user can get call depending on time. Please advise.

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Chris Deren
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Are you asking how to build a script that present specific options at particular time or way to have the system dynamically re-skill agents?  

Simply put what should happen if calls arrives at 7 AM and caller selects Sales? Should there be such an option at that time or not until 9?




what i am looking for is: There are two queues; Sales / Support. Sale operates from 9-5, Support operate from 8-4. So for one hour when Sale is not open, if there are incoming calls on Sale Queue, few agents from Support queue can answer them, because they are assigned Sale queue as well. So can you please help me how I can script this so for one hour when Sale is closed, few agents from Support can answer the call. But when Sale opens at 9, support agents should not get the Sale queue calls. Thank You,

Hi Guys, Thank you for your help. I found a solution. I am just going to use "False" step under "Stat_agent > 0" If no agent is logged into Sales, the call would go to Support queue. Thank you for your help.


u can devine open and closed time in the admin script and link a global variable to it.

Then u can close the support queue during 9-3 so they only get calls from the sale queue.


U can even make an IF statement where u can say when the "queue time is > 300s goto another skillgroup" so they still take support calls only when the queue is high.



If i do "queue time is > 300s goto another skillgroup" whould a call that comes in for Sale queue have to be there for 300 seconds before it gets to Support queue. What if Sale is closed and Support is open, then will the call for Sale go directly to Support without waiting 300 seconds. Can you please advise how I can script this, if you don't mind give step by step.

Thank you,

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