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UCCX Script 8.5: How to create a script that plays exchange rate option

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Has anyone created a UCCX script which has the option to play exchange rate, if yes can you tell me how to do this or provide a sample script

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Gergely Szabo
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


yes, I did.

Actually, can you please reveal more information. Where is the actual exchange rate coming from? A database? An external web service? Random value?



The text is available on a website.

This an example of the text

Current Rates

Jamaican Dollar Save Smart (J$)

Last Updated: Oct 09, 2012

JA$ SaveSmart Account Interest rate is at : 3.66%

United States Dollar Save Smart (US$)

Last Updated: Oct 09, 2012

US$ SaveSmart Account Interest Rate is at: 1.72%


Can you please provide a sample script showing how this was done?


Assuming that you have right version of UCCX (premium etc) you can use one of two methods using http or xml integration or doing a direct odbc connection.

If you are going after a data base where this info is located then in your IVR script you make the data dip calls store the desired info and play it back to your customer

If you are going after a public or private webpage then you need to build the http connection you will be integrating like webservice and extract your information from a particular spot and storing it to a field then playing back to your customer

Both of these methods are explained in the scripting guide for uccx.



The information is stored on a website, there is no database integration.

I would like tp get the information from a public website, can you give me an example on how this is implemented?

I beived i used the integration / configuration on cad or ctios.  Look for http integration.  I don't have any current editors or a way to check my old scripts.

Good luck.