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UCCX script check "which agents not ready" and turn on MWI



Is there a way to check which agents that are "not ready" i.e  gather user-id and extension?

Then i want to use this "extension information" to light up the MWI on the "not ready" agents Cisco phones maybe by using unity and ctiports

to turn on the MWI.

OR do i need DB access to the UCCX to gather realtime of the agents name + extension + status?

Somebody tried something similar before?

Thx Mikael

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Chad Stachowicz
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Its new but I like it!

I would database dip back into the UCCX database (find the scheme guides online in the reporting guide) check status and gather all agent ID's / extensions they are logged into.

Then do a for loop and a place call to the MWI number with the correct CSS on the CTI ports to do so... the interesting part is going to be turning them off!

I would say you could make a UCCX thats runs more like a service with an trigger point and a service based TCL script on a router to hit that number every so often to launch it like a service.

Or if your any good at coding you could write a small service and use something like OSIP(C Library) to trigger the MWI points over a custom built SIP trunk into CUCM with the service.  Tons of ways to skin a cat depending on your time and knowledge level.



Hi Chad!

A couple of questions that you maybe cane help on!

1. What do you think will be the challenge if i'm able to turn on the MWI and then to turn it off?

2. What if we don't use the MWI to light up the phone but instead use a script to place a call to second a Line on the agent phone that is BLF! Guess i have to config a Trigger and a Ctiport(Line extension on the Agent phone) per Agent phone then and when the agent is Ready then let the script disconnect the call

3. You're mentioned a FOR loop! Can you give an example on the logic that you have in you mind!?

rgds, Mikael


1.)  Well I mean it just has to do more then turn things on and off, it needs to keep it in synch like a service, and thats just not gonna be easy to do.

2.)  Sounds like a bad idea.... unless there is some cutoff time of like 2 mins maybe?  Then it might be ok, as long is their is checks..

3.) I keep for getting IP IVR has no for loop... basically something like


do stuff

if stuffholder <=4

stuffholder ++

goto labal: originalstuff

else if

do new stuff

I think there is also no if/else if so use that kind of logic with the if (true/flase) paths...



I shall give it a try to figure out the best solution for this!

Thank you for your help

Rgds Mikael

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