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UCCX Script download from Rest API

I have been facing the issue When I download the script from the rest api

I am doing this "http://uccx-server/adminapi/script/download/mum.aef" and I have been getting this response from the server.

<errorMessage>Missing domain: pathname mum.aef</errorMessage>
The file is existed in the root path. Even if I tired to download sub aef file facing the same issues.


I have a similar problem: using a PowerShell function, I am able to download prompts from the UCCx server but it does not work when it comes to:

  • Documents,
  • Scripts.

The function is global, e.g. I only pass the download type as a parameter ("prompt" or "script" or "document") so I am sure my URIs comply with the CCX dev guide.

If I try to download a document through a browser:


I get an HTTP 404 Not Found Error even though I can see the file in this folder.

If I try to download a script through a browser:


I get an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error even though I can see the script in this folder.

Any idea?

Edit: If I collect a trace of the request / response, I can see that the UCCx server is sending the following error for a script:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>



<errorData>Internal Server Error</errorData>

<errorMessage>The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request</errorMessage>




And for a document:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>



<errorData>Not Found</errorData>

<errorMessage>Specified Resource does not exist</errorMessage>




Ok so after many tests I was able to successfully download a script.

From what I can tell, the URL needs somehow to be different from a prompt download even if the developers guide tells the contrary:

  • The "default" keyword in the developers guide URL MUST be written even though it is not the case for a prompt download.
  • The keyword MUST be preceded by a double slash: "//"
  • The path to the file has to be added after the keyword.

So for example if I want to download the Service.aef script mentioned above, the URL must be:


Instead of:


I think the developers guide needs to be updated to reflect this.

As for a document download, unfortunately it seems to be unavailable using the REST API.

Any comment appreciated on this!

Thanks very much for your post.  It was the only way I could download script files.
Question did you try downloading document files?  I tried several methods and could download them.

As a matter of fact I tried again a few month ago on a 11.x version, but unfortunately it still did not work.

However now the Configuration API Developer Guide now lists a GET method for Documents:


Get Document Files and Folder 


So I suppose It can be achieved, but I haven't deployed any CUCM 12.x yet to test this.

unbelievable, but works. Many Thanks.