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UCCX script help populating custom variable for Ring no Answer

UCCX 10.6


I would like to populate a custom variable, for reporting, for each time a call is presented to an agent and not answered.  Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a location in the script to populate this.  When the call is presented, it uses Select Resource. If the agent doesn't answer or there are no agents ready, it then queues the call. I'm trying to populate the variable when it times out and before it queues the call. Is this possible?


I also tried using the Timed-Out Reporting Statistic to populate an integer parameter, but it only populates with either -1 or null, depending on the Report Object and Row Identifier combination I select.  If I could get this to work, I can then populate the custom variable depending on what is presented.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Re: UCCX script help populating custom variable for Ring no Answer

Not sure how much this helps:

Don't think you can get a Reason code for the Ring No Answer  (or any reason code) to be a custom variable.

Even if you find a way, I had been told that you can only report on (CUIC reporting tool) variables 1 thru 10, and not on ECC variables.  (asked TAC Dev person, but this was version 11.6)


Another way to maybe accomplish:

I have not been on version 10.x  for a bit,  but in 11.6 there are CUIC reports for Reason codes (agent grouping or reason grouping).  Those reports will allow you to run a report (use of filters to only report on Call Not Answered (also known as -ring no answer) on the Reason Codes.

Check your version 10.x in CUIC  for Stock -> Historical -> Inbound  and see if that version has any Reason Code reports.


Re: UCCX script help populating custom variable for Ring no Answer

I should probably provide a bit more detail.  I'm currently running the Call Custom Variable Report.  I have created a script to capture the following data and populate it into custom variables, that will display in the report. 


Variable 1 - Name of queue call arrived on
variable 2 - Reason call was redirected (We periodically provide the caller with the option to xfer out of the queue)
variable 3 - State of Queue when Call Arrived
Variable 4 - Calling number (ANI)
Variable 5 - Seconds in queue


For this report, each time a call is removed from the queue and presented to an agent, it creates a new record for that instance of the call. It would be beneficial to have one more variable that states when a particular call has already been presented to an agent who didn't answer it.  This would make the report a little less confusing in these scenarios.


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