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UCCX Script menu sets skills required

Hi, I need help to create a part of a script which would have a menu with 'Press 1 for hardware support or press 2 for software support'. All our staff will be skilled in both areas and need to be able to answer either call but everyone will either be skilled higher in hardware or software depending where their expertise lie and therefore I want to route the call based on skill level (if agents are available).

This support desk script is already working without the menu and therefore without skill separation. I want to keep it to a single CSQ but want calls to be tagged as either hardware or software depending on whether the caller presses 1 or 2. And therefore when the call arrives in the queue it will assign it to the highest skilled available agent.

How do you tag the call in the script with the skill level required?

Many thanks

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UCCX Script menu sets skills required

UCCX will not, by default, care which Agent has a higher skill level when deciding who the next caller is for them.  The next caller is always chosen by FIFO.  You should be able to see that on anyone of your CSQ configuration web pages, and it is uneditible.

With a little scripting however, you could attempt to solve that problem, and I have written about it here:

Unfortunately, no matter how you slice it, if you want to skill people differently, you will need multiple CSQ's.

Leet me know if my write-up gets you going in the right direction, or if you need more guidance.

Anthony Holloway

UCCX Script menu sets skills required

Ok, thanks for your help. Multiple CSQ's it is then....

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