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UCCX script to call a number

Hello, I have a task to write a UCCX script that looks up who is on call (a number) and then calls that number. Every week on call number changes (on rotation). I kind of know what I need to do to achieve this. However, I am thinking about following scenarios------

-what happens if  on call person doesn't answer the call? Is there anyway in this script I can have phone ring until it picks up the call? How do I do that? OR

- if on call person  doesn't answer, can I have this call go to back up number?

It is imperative to have this call answer by on call or backup on call person. Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know this is little confusing. So, if you have questions, please let me know. Thanks


I would use the Call Consult Transfer step since it gives you supervision. You would just need to code the persistence into your script: if they didn’t answer, try again or try the backup number.

The other thing to consider here is what you are going to do if voicemail answers instead of the human. Call Consult Transfer has a timeout parameter that you can use to prevent CFNA but that doesn’t catch CFB (eg the cel phone is off/out of coverage area). CCX doesn’t have a native solution for that because you can’t play an IVR (eg “press one to accept the call”) before completing a transfer. You also can’t bridge/merge two Contacts together. Unless you can disable VM for the on-call destinations, you may have to look at other options to get explicit confirmation/acceptance. One complicated way to do that would be a CUCM DN with SNR configured using the User Control setting for the SNR Voicemail Policy on the Remote Destination. If that DN otherwise had no call forwarding it would return reorder to CCX if the RD didn’t press a digit to accept the call. The gotcha to this is you probably want a dedicated on-call phone instead of a user’s normal cell number because any calls from that number to CUCM will have their caller ID masked as if they’re coming from the DN with SNR configured.

Thank you so much Jonathan for taking time and giving me few great ideas to try. I have to read this carefully and understand it and then try it. I will let you know how this goes. Thanks again

Do you think I can also do this in UNITY? Because there are no requirements to run reports etc.

So today I configured this scenario using Unity Connection and it works fine.  Here is my call flow--

Incoming call->CUCM RP->Unity->Unity checks the on call number and transfer the call to that num. Users can dial in to Unity pilot number to change the on call number by pressing number keys on their phone. Example-4-4-1-3

I would like to give users another method to change on call number-CUCM Self Care Portal. Not sure how to do this since I don't have actual device (a phone) setup in CUCM. I only have a route point. Any ideas?

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