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UCCX source CUCM MOH - Crash after awhile - CUCM Voice Media Streaming

UCCX 8.x CUCM 8.X..

I have UCCX and when a call came in a queue, I use hold/unhold so the call can hear MOH while he wait.

This morning the MOH wasnt working ...

I restarted the UCCX server and the MOH wasnt still working , as soon I restart the Voice Media Streaming App service on CUCM the MOH was working.

Anyone ever saw that ?




Yes, I saw this before by the way during queuing and exactly when the call is being transfred to the agent, MOH server is always involved, check the following link may it help you ...


Hi Phillipe,

Firstly there are two options regarding MoH sources, one is User and the second is Network, User MoH is when the calling party is placed on hold, Network MoH is used when the calling party is transferred or redirected.  if you are using Hold,UnHold steps within your script will use the the MGRL associated the the CTIs, however in the case when the call has been delivered to the Agent, then the MRGL associated with that Agents device will be used.

The common aspect here is that both will use CUCM MoH resources.  The exception is if you used prompts in your script to playout announcements or other audio for example.  Therefore the next time you suspect an issue with MoH you can verify if its working by simply placing a call IP Phone to IP Phone and either party place the other on hold, this rules out an interaction with UCCX.

If this is a common occurrence then more indepth analysis will be required to determine why Media Streaming Services appear to stop, possibly a known issue depending CUCM versions that you are running?  You will have to retrieve the logs if that was the case with a view to escalate to TAC.





Actually, under the control group if you select your MRG.. this MRG will only be use when UCCX is making call ( outgoing call from UCCX to lets say a user on the PSTN )

The MRG that is use in this situation is the one configure on the Gateway.. 

Lets say you have a call that goes through the gateway to the UCCX and the script use hold/unhold, it will be the MRG on the Gateway.

But, if you select an audio source file in your control group, this actual file will be played but buy the MRG on the gateway.

by the way, I have open a tac and right now they are coding a new voice Media Streaming module to have more trace. because they cant get enough trace from RTMT even if its at debug/detail trace.. 

pretty intense.. yep


Hi Phillipe,

You are quite right when it come the MRGL, essentially the holding party is the CTI device or Agent Device in this case, what I was trying to say was that the CTI or Agent Device User or Network specific MoH audio source is used, and yes providing that the held party in this case the Gateway/PSTN has available MoH server within its designated MRGL then it will hear either the User or Network audio file.

Hope you have luck with TAC, sound interesting, please post any feedback.




Hi Philippe,

Have you made any progress with TAC?  I am experiencing the exact same issue where the MoH from the Call Manager just stops playing at random times for the UCCX queues.  Restarting the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App has fixed it every time, but after a random number of hours/days it stops again.  I am using Call Manager and UCCX 8.5.11003-32.  Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!



Hi,  the tac is still coding a new Streaming App for us,  because the actual one cant show enough trace even from the Linux root access.

I am pretty sure the app will be donc at the begining of next week, I can let you know.

Probably we will have a bug id, with a SE for a patch to put on the call manager, I will let you know.

My service request is SR #623379439  if you ever want to open a TAC, you can use my number as a reference.

Dont hesitate to come back and ask me for an update..




Did TAC manage to resolve this for you?



Cisco crate a Patch ( its a IPVMA - the media streaming module ) that fix our issue,

Its a custom patch, you need to do a webex with TAC so they upload that, they need a root access.

the bug id is this one :CSCUD05830.

the description of the bug and the workaround is actually poor.

They fix my issue with the patch.. ( not with the workaround they said in the bug-id )

I suggest you open a SR and ask for the module, use my SR number as a reference if you want.

good luck

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