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UCCX Support

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Level 3

Hello All,


Does anyone know of a person or company that provides support for UCCX, especially scripting.  Its my understanding Cisco does not offer support for scripting.  Looking for just occasional help here and there on an hourly basis and not a huge support contract.



Thanks in advance!

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Jonathan Schulenberg
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Hall of Fame

In which country?

The good old U.S of A

To clarify, Im looking for remote support over something like WebEx.  Not onsite and only on occasion as needed.

Hi @angel-moon , there are a number of partners out there that can help you, but they'd likely require some commitment as far as service contract. At the minimum a time and materials type agreement where you pay for X number of hours every month/every six months might be an option. Do you have any idea # of hours you'd be looking for per month/year?

Probably 1-5 hours per month.  Some months none.  I am aware of the partners out there but in general they will require more of a commitment than I can give.  That's why I posted here looking for alternatives.


Hi @angel-moon 

A good starting point, even if it's a pretty old one, is this guide

In general Cisco works with many partners around the globe and you can find one on Cisco Partner Locator






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Hi @angel-moon , I don’t know how your UCCX infrastructure is critical for your business but asking for a limited support only could be risky.

The availability of a Contact Center engineer could not be ensured in case of emergency or faults during non business hours. Also .. once a script is well structured for a service it usually doesn’t need to be maintained or modified so frequently.


That said, which level of help are you asking for?


Thanks a lot



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