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UCCX Trigger Failure



I am working on my Lab and I am trying to get my first call to UCCX, but when I call the trigger of my application +17731021000 I get a fast busy. I verified that routing is not an issue. Per the MIVR logs, it seems that the call is making it to UCCX, but it is being rejected. This is further reinforced, by looking at UCCX Real Time reporting. Report > Contacts Summary > Rejected > 6 (Trigger failure). Back on UCCX admin, I go to Subsystems > Cisco Unified CM Telephony > Data Synchronization > and under Attributes, i have an X, when I expand that session, I see "VoiceMailProfile" Status X - UUID changed from {xxx...} to xxxxx..



These are what I consider the relevant logs:


50751: Jan 26 12:59:38.399 CST %MIVR-ICD_CTI-7-UNK:[MIVR_ICD_CTI_SERVER-100-1-outboundMsgQ] CSOutboundMsgProcessor: OutboundMessageprocessor : sending msg : { length=-1 type=CALL_DATA_UPDATE_EVENT, monitorID: 0, peripheralID: 1, peripheralType: 21, numCTIClients: 0, numNamedVars: 0, numNamedArrays: 0, callType: 1, connectionDeviceIDType: 0, connectionCallID: 16780221, newConnectionDeviceIDType: 0, newConnectionCallID: 16780221, calledPartyDisposition: 0, campaignID: 0, queryRuleID: 0, connectionDeviceID: , newConnectionDeviceID: , customerPhoneNumber: , customerAccountNumber: null, ani: null, callerEnteredDigits: null, wrapupData: null, callVar1: null, callVar2: null, callVar3: null, callVar4: null, callVar5: null, callVar6: null, callVar7: null, callVar8: null, callVar9: null, callVar10: null to various sockets }  
50752: Jan 26 12:59:38.399 CST %MIVR-ICD_CTI-7-UNK:[MIVR_ICD_CTI_SOCKET-135-2139-PROCESS_CTI_MGR_EVENT] MsgHandler: MsgHandler : Sent : { CALL_DATA_UPDATE_EVENT to Socket[addr=,port=41218,localport=12028]  CID: 16780221 }  
50753: Jan 26 12:59:38.400 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:[MIVR_SS_RTR_EVENTS-37-0-CONTACT_RECEIVED] CallImpl: TAPIPortGroup::CallImpl:getReportingPropeorty - Get Property : 1 
50754: Jan 26 12:59:38.400 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:[MIVR_SS_TEL_TPG_ROUTE_EXE-41-26-ROUTE_CALL_EV] RequestImpl: Route Connection: [+17731021000:UCCX Triggers:1/(P1-UCCX_CTI_1) GCID=(1,3005)->ACTIVE]->OFFERED, CTI Port selected: TP[id=2,implId=80046,state=IN_USE] 
50755: Jan 26 12:59:38.400 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:[MIVR_SS_RTR_EVENTS-37-0-CONTACT_RECEIVED] CallImpl: TAPIPortGroup::CallImpl:getReportingPropeorty - IVR OB Call. Found "OBIVRCALL" in the contact context : false 
50756: Jan 26 12:59:38.404 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-ROUTE_FAILED:[MIVR_SS_TEL_TPG_ROUTE_EXE-41-26-ROUTE_CALL_EV] RequestImpl: Route failed : All Call ids=JTAPICallContact[id=2,implId=3005/1,state=STATE_RECEIVED_IDX,inbound=true,App name=Test,task=null,session=4000000003,seq num=0,cn=+17731021000,dn=+17731021000,cgn=+17731020001,ani=null,dnis=null,clid=null,atype=DIRECT,lrd=null,ocn=+17731021000,route=RP[num=+17731021000],OrigProtocolCallRef=0000000000000BBD01AD5C9800000000,DestProtocolCallRef=null,TP=null,List of Active Connections=[+17731021000:UCCX Triggers:1/(P1-UCCX_CTI_1) GCID=(1,3005)->ACTIVE]->OFFERED,Extension=80046, Attempt to redirect to an unknown destination,Failure reason= call will be rejected, CTIERR_REDIRECT_CALL_UNKNOWN_DESTINATION=0x8ccc0034::Attempt to redirect to an unknown destination,Contact.Reject.reason=TRIGGER_FAIL,(SelectRouteTime,ObtainingIdleChannelTime,RedirectTime=3,2,4) 
50757: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST Attempt to redirect to an unknown destination
50758: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION:	at
50759: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION:	at
50760: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION:	at
50761: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION:	at
50762: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION:	at$
50763: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION:	at$RequestImpl.runCommand(
50764: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION:	at$
50765: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION:	at$
50766: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION:	at EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent.PooledExecutor$
50767: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION:	at$1$
50768: Jan 26 12:59:38.405 CST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION:	at$

Help please



Accepted Solutions
Cisco Employee

This error is usually saying that your calling Device CSS does not have the CTI Port DN PT in it.

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Cisco Employee

Seems like CUCM is rejecting the call. Can you check on CUCM if there is a translation pattern taking affect when the call is hairpinned back from CCX ?

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"
Cisco Employee

Can you also check if the IPCC extension is not shared with a CTI Port extension ? It needs to be unique.

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Thank you Nipun,


Here are the CUCM logs:


2018/01/26 12:59:38.388|SIPL|0|TCP|IN||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,100,14,11.20^^*|868|007686ce-940c0003-7a21e965-61b31bca@|INVITE
2018/01/26 12:59:38.388|SIPL|0|TCP|OUT||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,100,14,11.20^^*|869|007686ce-940c0003-7a21e965-61b31bca@|100 Trying
2018/01/26 12:59:38.390|CC|SETUP|28138647|28138648|+17731020001|+17731021000|+17731021000
2018/01/26 12:59:38.392|CC|OFFERED|28138647|28138648|+17731020001|+17731021000|+17731021000|SEP007686CE940C|Test_Trigger1
2018/01/26 12:59:38.401|CC|RELEASE|28138648|0|0
2018/01/26 12:59:38.401|SIPL|28138647|TCP|OUT||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,200,13,2.367^^Test_Trigger1|870|007686ce-940c0003-7a21e965-61b31bca@|404 Not Found
2018/01/26 12:59:38.404|SIPL|28138647|TCP|IN||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,100,14,11.21^^*|871|007686ce-940c0003-7a21e965-61b31bca@|ACK
2018/01/26 12:59:38.405|CC|REJECT|28138647|28138649|+17731020001|+17731021000|+17731080046|1
2018/01/26 13:00:10.993|SIPL|0|TCP|IN||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,100,14,11.24^^*|878|007686ce-940c0005-0c93b08a-4ae735db@|INVITE
2018/01/26 13:00:10.993|SIPL|0|TCP|OUT||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,100,14,11.24^^*|879|007686ce-940c0005-0c93b08a-4ae735db@|100 Trying
2018/01/26 13:00:10.995|CC|SETUP|28138651|28138652|+17731020001|+17731021000|+17731021000
2018/01/26 13:00:10.996|CC|OFFERED|28138651|28138652|+17731020001|+17731021000|+17731021000|SEP007686CE940C|Test_Trigger1
2018/01/26 13:00:11.009|CC|RELEASE|28138652|0|0
2018/01/26 13:00:11.009|SIPL|28138651|TCP|OUT||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,200,13,2.368^^Test_Trigger1|880|007686ce-940c0005-0c93b08a-4ae735db@|404 Not Found
2018/01/26 13:00:11.012|SIPL|28138651|TCP|IN||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,100,14,11.25^^*|881|007686ce-940c0005-0c93b08a-4ae735db@|ACK
2018/01/26 13:00:11.013|CC|REJECT|28138651|28138653|+17731020001|+17731021000|+17731080047|1
2018/01/26 13:02:45.762|SIPL|0|TCP|IN||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,100,14,11.30^^*|896|007686ce-940c0007-1726f49a-593a0064@|INVITE
2018/01/26 13:02:45.762|SIPL|0|TCP|OUT||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,100,14,11.30^^*|897|007686ce-940c0007-1726f49a-593a0064@|100 Trying
2018/01/26 13:02:45.764|CC|SETUP|28138655|28138656|+17731020001|+17731021000|+17731021000
2018/01/26 13:02:45.765|CC|OFFERED|28138655|28138656|+17731020001|+17731021000|+17731021000|SEP007686CE940C|Test_Trigger1
2018/01/26 13:02:45.773|CC|RELEASE|28138656|0|0
2018/01/26 13:02:45.774|SIPL|28138655|TCP|OUT||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,200,13,2.374^^Test_Trigger1|898|007686ce-940c0007-1726f49a-593a0064@|404 Not Found
2018/01/26 13:02:45.777|SIPL|28138655|TCP|IN||5060|SEP007686CE940C||51049|1,100,14,11.31^^*|899|007686ce-940c0007-1726f49a-593a0064@|ACK
2018/01/26 13:02:45.777|CC|REJECT|28138655|28138657|+17731020001|+17731021000|+17731080044|1

I am not sure about the translation pattern question that you asked. I do have a translation pattern to extend the trigger to e164 on CUCM. So from CUCM i call 21000 and it is extended to +17731021000.


I do not have an IPCC extension. I have a simple script to just play a prompt and hang up. But, when I do a reactive debug, the script is not even reached, because the call is rejected. 


Ok got it. Didn't know what your script is doing. You are calling from CUCM so I assume this is just an internal call from an IP Phone to the CTI Trigger.
One thing that Anthony pointed, it to check CSS/PT. Next would be to check if the trigger/CTI DN is unique on CUCM. Also, can you bypass the translation and call the CTI directly and see if there is a change in behavior ?

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"
Cisco Employee

This error is usually saying that your calling Device CSS does not have the CTI Port DN PT in it.

View solution in original post


I stand corrected, IT WAS a routing issue. My CTI Route Point calling search space did not have the the CTI Port partition in it.


Thank you all.

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