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UCCX Upgrade Hangs


Hope someone have some insights on the below issue:

When upgrading from UCCX 11 to UCCX 11.5 the upgrade hangs for several hours after showing the below logs . I had to cancel the upgrade 

11/08/2016 19:15:32|Process interface file|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|switch=no|<LVL::Debug>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|notify_clm=yes|<LVL::Debug>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|Process interface file complete|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|Upgrade manager complete|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|System upgrade complete|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|Cleaning up download...|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|Cleanup upgrade source area.|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|Ejecting DVD (/dev/sda1)|<LVL::Debug>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|Removing /common/download/|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|Removing /common/cisco_base|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|Started auditd...|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|Started setroubleshoot...|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|Changed selinux mode to enforcing|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|No switch to new version|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|IOWAIT monitor stopped|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:34|Initiated cluster manager to send updated data to nodes|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:34|Upgrade Complete -- (0)|<LVL::Info>
11/08/2016 19:15:34|is_upgrade_lock_available: Upgrade lock is not available.|<LVL::Debug>
11/08/2016 19:15:34|is_upgrade_in_progress: Already locked by this process (pid: 26317).|<LVL::Debug>

Current UCCX Version :

Target UCCX Version :

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Strange, it's supposed to

Strange, it's supposed to take around 2 hours. Are there any COP files you need to install?



Hi David ,

Hi David ,

Yes around 2 hours , also i check ed teh available COP files on teh web sites & tried tehm but they were intended to versions less than CCX 11 . Nothing there was for CCX 11 


Please refer This Link -- The

I had the same issue and after research, I find there might be 2 reasons :

1. Bug : Please refer This Link -- The upgrade might have been completed , you may go ahead reboot the server , check the version and switch version as needed  -- this is a Bug : CSCuu34496

2. OVA profile is not match -- version 11.5 require larger vRAM.   This reflected on switch over,  will pop out with error.     After expend the vRAMo from Esxi, you should be able to switch over to the new version.

After resolved these 2 issues , I was able to complete the upgrade successfully !! :)

Cisco Employee

I think the upgrade is

I think the upgrade is completed, its unable to release the dvd lock.

11/08/2016 19:15:32|Ejecting DVD (/dev/sda1)|<LVL::Debug>
11/08/2016 19:15:32|Removing /common/download/|<LVL::Info>

Are you doing this by mounting the iso or SFTP, if you can try via SFTP, it should go through.

dolphine55 has provided the correct defect CSCuu34496.


Chakshu Piplani


I used remote SFTP for

I used remote SFTP for upgrading.  

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