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UCCX upgrade, need to reload the data


I have just install 8.5 in the lab to test and I used a PUT file. I would like to reload that data without reinstalling UCCX.

Is there a flag that I can change to do this? or do I need to reload UCCX?


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HI Carlo,

I am not clear about your query, could you please explain in detail.

As far as the upgrdae of UCCX 8.5 from previous versions, you would have taken the backup of old UCCX system by PUT tool and saved thatbackup.tar file in some network location.

You install UCCX 8.5 system freshly, and as part of the initial Application administration configuration, you will select "Restore" from previous version and point to the backedup tar file to restore the previous data.

Note: You need to provide the UCCX 8.5 license as part of the restore.

Hope it helps.


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I have restored from the PUT file and it is up and working in the lab. but we are going to be testing for a few weeks before we move it over to production and I want to install a updated or new copy of the PUT file.

The section under tool for upgraded would let me do it again.

Hi Carlo,

If I understand your query.

Now you have restored on UCCX 8.5  once using the PUT tool in the lab and will test it for a week.

After this you would like to take one more backup using the PUT tool on the older UCCX system, and Restore it again on the UCCX 8.5 system (built freshly), Yes you can do this. Provided that you have a License MAC (or you can request for new UCCX license incase if your license MAC is different from the previously build UCCX 8.5 system) matching your newly built UCCX 8.5 system.

Note: PUT tool version is very specific to each UCCX 8.x release, so please use the respective PUT tool to take the backup of the older UCCX system.

You can restore the sambackup of file multiple times also, but everytime you need to bring the UCCX 8.5 system freshly.

Hope it helps.


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