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Ritesh Desai

UCCX Upgrade + New CUCM cluster introduction.

Hi team,


Got a question and am confused.

Customer planned to upgrade UCCX Cluster. UCCX users are integrated with CUCM Cluster (1PUB + 4SUB). CUCM cluster is managed by difft vendor. Customer suggests to install new CUCM cluster and integrate with existing UCCX cluster.

I got a doubt, will UCCX communicate with new CUCM cluster?

Will the upgrade licenses will impact?

If UCCX - CUCM integration possible, do I need to re-host the license?


Please suggest / recommend the guide where do I find this details.


thanks & regards,

Ritesh Desai

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regards, Ritesh Desai

There are a few issues to consider here: 


1. You can change the AXL, RmCm, and CTI providers in UCCX quite easily from the CLI and with a reboot.

2. If the new cluster is a new CUCM version, you will need to upgrade UCCX to a version that is compatible with that CUCM version. If the upgrade is a major upgrade, such as from 10.x to 11.x, you will have to order an upgrade license for UCCX. If the upgrade is from 11.0 to 11.5, no upgrade license would be needed.

3. Will the new cluster have all the same users? If so, your Resources in UCCX should stay the same, but you might lose skill assignments and such.


There might be other questions, but these are questions you can start with.


Thanks for response... I have correct licenses with me. My question was...

UCCX 8.5 is integrated with CUCM 8.5. customer denied to upgrade CUCM cluster because corporate users also resides and is managed by difft vendor. None the less I jave option to install new CUCM 11.5 cluster.


I've UCCX 11.5 upgraded from 8.5. I have freshly installed CUCM 11.5.

Will I able to integrate? Hope you are clear with my question.



Thanks & regards,

Ritesh Desai.

*** Please rate helpful post. Please mark as answer if it solves your problem/query.
regards, Ritesh Desai

Thanks for clarifiying. I don't think that'll be in issue then. You can move UCCX from one cluster to another cluster by changing the AXL provider and rebooting the server. "set uccx provider ip axl" is the CLI command.


It might be worthwhile replying with official document. So i thought I would share it for anyone who might be looking for an answer here;


"Unified CCX supports changing one or more IP addresses of Unified CM servers but does not support changing the Unified CM cluster."


Run the following CLI commands on the Unified CCX publisher using the new IP address of Unified CM as input.

  • set uccx provider ip axl - Sets the Unified CCX AXL provider IP address.

  • set uccx provider ip jtapi - Sets the Unified CCX JTAPI provider IP address.

  • set uccx provider ip rmcm - Sets the Unified CCX Resource Manager-Contact Manager provider IP address.

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