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Jasmine Misal

UCCX Voicemail Notification Finesse Gadget for Agent Desktop or Custom Report?

Hi All, 


I am very new to UCCX. Our customer asked for a finesse gadget to be added to UCCX that shows how many voicemails are waiting in the mailbox. If a gadget is not possible is there something I can add to a custom report?  Has anyone done this before and have documentation I can follow? Or have any suggestions on how can approach this? We have a small queue with 4 agents. 


UCCX version 11.6.2


Thanks for your help! 

James Hawkins

Where are the voicemails being stored?

If Unity Connection you could develop a custom gadget that uses the CUMI API which can provide access to Unity Connection mailbox information.

Check out this link


Hi James, 


Thanks I will take a look at this! Yes the voicemails will be stored in CUC.


I see you said you're new to UCCX. Are you also new to programming and APIs? If so, then this is a very challenging task indeed.

You *might* be better off starting with the Embeded Web App sample gadget, which simply shows a web page in a gadget.

And then the web page you show in the gadget is the Unity Connection web inbox
* Don't forget to enable this for the user's class of service in CUC if they don't already use it

Good luck

Thanks Anthony! This information has been extremely helpful. I have ran into few issues that i was curious if you can point me in the right the direction on getting them resolved.

I added the folder called EmbeddedWebApp to files on the UCCX server using 3rdpartygadget access. I also attached the zip file of what I am using.

Issue #1: I can get the web inbox to display when the URL is http://FQDN/inbox. I have to disable protection on the page so that we can view the web inbox. So it goes into a mixed-content mode. We prefer for it to show up using https because each agent browser would have to make sure its set right in this mode. When I set the URL to https I get "HTTP Status 403 - Access to the specified resource has been forbidden."



Issue #2: When I try to login to the web inbox in the gadget I get this error in the developer console when I right click and select inspect element. "Load denied by X-Frame-Options: https://FQDN/inbox/ does not permit cross-origin framing"

Thanks for your time and help!

Jasmine Misal

Oof! Like I said, you *might* be better off. I have never done that before, so it was just an idea. All custom development will be challenging my friend. Have you tried the developer forums?



As others mentioned, there is a ton of trial error with this and not a ton of available resources because everything is going to be customized to your experience. You may want to try this link though. It goes over CORS for Unity. I hope if it doesn't work specifically for you that maybe it points you in the right direction.

For what it's worth, I took my EmbeddedWebApp.xml sample gadget which was trying to just render the CUC Web inbox, and added UCCX to the CORs list in CUC, and I am still getting a 403 forbidden in the gadget page, versus a login screen. I tried a few other tricks too, like using /miniinbox and also /inbox/gadgets/msg/msg-gadget.xml, but no luck.

Thank you! I will read over what reference you guys provided. If I come up something I will share!

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