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UCCX8.5 on ESX4


We have installed UCCX8.5 on ESX4 everything goes fine as far installation is concerned now after installation UCCX Engine is not coming up when we check logs we find this

Service operational status is DOWN. Cisco AXL Web Service;Cisco UXL Web Service;Cisco Unified CCX Engine. The alert is generated on Tue Apr 26 17:02:46 PKT 2011 on node uccx85.

But when we check these services they all are in running state.

Anyone knows how to solve this .


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Without Engine logs it's tough to know for sure what is preventing the engine from starting up.  One possibility is a defect on CUCM, CSCtn38319 that causes the engine to crash with an OutOfMemory exception 2 or 3 minutes after the startup attempt.  Another cause for this issue that I have seen in several cases is a driver issue that prevents the CMT Subsystem (part of the engine) from coming into service.  I have seen this problem several times, but only when the VM is running on Hardware not compatible with UCCX.


I'm having an issue in my lab install where the CMT Subsystem not starting up, and RTMT shows:

Error: Failure to get an application: %[ ERROR StreamManager::getApplicationId - failed appId=-1, confId=-1, partyId=-1 ERROR][

I'm wondering if your driver issue applies to my problems; I get an error on booting the VM that the hardware is not supported. Can you provide more information for the fix?

Sounds like you and I are having the same issue. When you try to start the engine does it hang on CMT and never move past that and then ultimately put everything back into SHUTDOWN state?

I never got it working and just abandoned the thing altogether as it was only to demo TAPS in a lab environment.  But here's a full description of my issue that I sent to a co-worker:

"I'm building the environment in my home lab, and installed UCCX  8.0(2) for TAPS.  UCM is also v8.0(2).  I've installed, loaded the  30-day demo Premium license, and configured the TAPS application with  the .aef file downloaded from the UCM.  I completed the CTI Route Points  and created the trigger for the pilot number.

After a fresh boot of the CCX server, all services show as "IN SERVICE"  except the CCX Engine and the subservices, which come in service for a  moment before the Manager Manager subservice shuts down and the  Subsystem Manager follows.  I can't find any logs in the web UI, but  RTMT shows an error:

Error: Failure to get an application:  %[ ERROR  StreamManager::getApplicationId - failed appId=-1, confId=-1, partyId=-1  ERROR]

The logs are all swell and everything is coming in service, then that  hits and it all starts shutting down."

Did you ever resolve this? I'm having the same issue.