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Unable to add more than 2 PG in Perpheral Gateway Setup


Hi All,

I am setting up a duplex UCCE environment and while setting up PGs, I see that I am unable to add more than 2 PGs.

I need to configure peripherals  for - CUCM, CVP_1 and CVP_2

As far as I know, in Generic Client Type, we can add up to 3 PGs.

Any clue regarding this matter?


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Chintan Gajjar

You can't install more than two PGs on single server.

Now there is difference between the terminology PG, Pim and Peripheral.

A PG can have one or more PIMs of same type or different type (each PIM connects to external peripheral).

Generic PG can have maximum of two different types of PIMs (e.g. Agent PIM and VRU PIM or Agent PIM and MR PIM or VRU PIM and MR PIM etc).

So looking at your PG config, you have configure 1 Generic PG with 3 PIMs (Peripherals).

So you can install one PG with 3 Pims each correlating config you have done on config manager. 

Thanks Chintan.

So for each side, PG1A / PG2B the peripherals should have unique PIM IDs right?

It cannot be the same, Is it?

You configure only one PG in config manager for PG pair (Side A and Side B), and when you install PG software use the same Peripheral ID and Logical Controller ID generated from above config.

in case of CUCM, you can point cucm pim on side A of PG to CUCM Sub 1 and cucm pim on side B to sub 2.

in case CVP, you can point both side of vru pim to single CVP host.

Thanks Chintan,

So how does the CVP load balance, if both vru pims are pointing to a single CVP host?

From PG perspective, load balancing never happens.

PG works in hot standby mode, where at one time any one side of pim connecting to peripheral will be active. either side A or Side B.

so in case of CUCM, 

lets say Side A pim talks to SUB1 and is active, if connection goes down, Side B pim will get activated and makes connection with CUCM on SUB2.

here we are connecting Side A and Side B to different CTI manager running on CUCM subscriber is because CUCM works in cluster and has built in redundancy.

so you have one SUB backing up other one and vice versa.

in case of CVP, 

lets say Side A pim is active and connected to CVP host. if it fails Side B Pim will try to connect to same CVP host. so in this case you are redundant from PG perspective but not from CVP, so if CVP goes down your both side pims are out of service.

CVP does not work in cluster, but there is other way to achieve redundancy on CVP and that is through various SIP configuration and components like Sip Proxy, server groups and DNS SRV records.



Can't we point one  side A vru pim to CVP-A and side B vru pim to CVP-B?

I have configured using one PG, 4 PIMS.

How can I get the CVP-B status up?It's showing partial.

// Can't we point one  side A vru pim to CVP-A and side B vru pim to CVP-B?

A single CVP host will be seen as separate peripheral to ICM, so there is no point in pointing both sides VRU pim to different CVP. also CVP does not work in Cluster or Synched mode, CVP server has no connection to other.

so in your case, you have to add one more VRU pim in the PG setup on both the side which will point to CVP on side B.

Ok, so my setup would as below;with one PG



PIM2 -> CVP1

PIM3 -> CVP2


PIM1 - > CUCM2

PIM2 -> CVP1

PIM3 -> CVP2

Or Side B should be as below;?

PIM4 - > CUCM2

PIM5 -> CVP1

PIM6 -> CVP2

Side B also PIM1,PIM2,PIM3

So PIM1,PIM2,PIM3 of  PGDUPLEX in my case will be used for both sides A and B?


You should take help of SRND to get more clarity.

In HA, there will be 2 call servers and 2 data servers on both sides. So similar configuration on both sides A and B.

On Call Server1 PGDUPLEX with 3 PIMs and on Call Server2 PGDUPLEX with 3 PIMs.

On Callserver-1 CUCM PIM pointing to CUCM SUB1. On call server2 CUCM PIM pointing to CUCM SUB2

On call server-1, 2 VRU PIMs pointing to CVP1 and CVP2

On call server-2, 2 VRU PIMs pointing to CVP3 and CVP4


Ritesh Desai.

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regards, Ritesh Desai

Ritesh, With all due respect.

Call server and Data server are terminology of PCCE, and are not used with UCCE.


Got it! Thanks.


Ritesh Desai

*** Please rate helpful post. Please mark as answer if it solves your problem/query.
regards, Ritesh Desai
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