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Unable to create Outbound Call Control Group Configuration in Cisco CCX


Dear Team,

I am unable to create CTI port for outbound dialer.In the Call Control Group configuration only Inbound group type showing.

We have following license.

Cisco Unified CCX Administration.Please help to create outbound call control group.

Configured Licenses:

Package: Cisco Unified CCX Premium

Total IVR Port(s): 20

Cisco Unified CCX Premium Seat(s): 10

High Availability : Enabled

Cisco Unified CCX Preview Outbound Dialer: Enabled

Cisco Unified CCX Maximum Agents: 400

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Aaron Harrison
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


Outbound port groups are for progressive/predictive outbound dialler modes. They are licensed seperately.

The 'preview' outbound (which is included with Premium CCX) presents a call to an agent, and when the agent accepts it, it is dialled from the agent's phone. Therefore there is no port usage on CCX itself, and you don't need an outbound port group.



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What type of port group required for Call back and sending msg through IVR script?



What Aaron is saying is absolutely correct, the Unified CCX Direct Preview Outbound feature is bundled along with the Unified CCX Premium license package. The Unified CCX IVR and Agent Progressive and Predictive Outbound feature is available with the Unified CCX Outbound license.

I have attached a screenshot from my lab showing the license for Outbound features. What you want that is providing callback option to the callers, then that can be done through normal inbound ports which you have without the need of any extra license Refer to BaseLineAdvQueuing.aef script available at the below link that provides Callback functionality, feel free to make changes as per your requirment:




So, Do I need an outbound media group for calls from UCCX to an extension in order to play a prompt to an agent priort to sending the customers call to them? As I understand it, during a normal agent/UCCX/CUCM interaction, UCCX will instruct CUCM to direct the call to to the agents Phone rather than make a separate call from UCCX then get CUCM to bridge them to avoid any tromboning and free up the CTI ports?

You can use a normal inbound call control group with the Place Call step to make an outbound call. Confusing, I agree, but that's how it is right now.

Try this, just create a blank new script, create 1 variable of type Contact with a null value.

Then in the script, drag in the Place Call step. Configure this step to call you at your extension (format the number correctly), and then set the correct values for your CCG Group ID (a number) (Subsystems > Cisco Unified CM Telephony > Call Control Groups) and Media Group ID (a number) (aka Dialog Group) (Subsystems > Cisco Media).

Now, configure your Contact variable in there as well and click OK to close the properties window.

Last, press F5 on your keyboard to start a debug session and your phone should ring.

Granted, you will hear "I'm sorry...", so to play something meaningful, you use the Play Prompt step, switching out your --Triggering Contact-- for your Contact variable, and then playing a prompt file of your choosing. SP[welcome] is always a good test. Then maybe Terminate the call (swapping out Triggering Contact again).
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