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Unable to Record Calls of Jabber using AQM .

VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I am able to record calls from Hard phones using AQM network Record Feature.

But when i try to do the same for Jabber It is not working .

Any one tried this before ?

DOes AQM Support Jabber Endpoint for Recording.

UCCX do support Jabber as an Agent PHone so i suppose this feature should be there.

I have read that for recording you need Built In bridge. 

Jabber is a soft phone does it has Built IN Bridge ?

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Christopher Bell

I'm curious if you got this working?  We are also testing Jabber for use in our contact centers but voice recording with AQM will be a requirement. 

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When you import devices into the VoIP table CR/AQM uses a filter on the device name.

The only acceptable device names are SEP, LCP, CSF, CIPC and IPC

That means you can't import TAB (Jabber for iPad), BOT (Jabber for Android) or TCT (Jabber for iPhone).

The last information I had was that Calabrio have no plans to fix this.


Are you sure on the LCP and CIPC ones? They are not listed in the documentation.

Accepted prefixes in device names are IPC, CSF, and SEP, for
example, IPC<username>. Devices with these prefixes are
treated as IP phones.


Hello Anthony,


No I did not get this info until now.  Thank you!  As a standard in our clusters, we normally start our device names as SEP of CSF. for devices. I will do some testing with IPC<useraccnt><last 5 of DN>. this helps us identify the individuals by user account or last 5 of their DN.  


Thanks for the information!






is there any updated info on this point? 

(enabling AQM for Jabber for iphone, or android?) for call recording...


appreciate it.

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Hi ahmad


Did you get an update on this as we need to record tct, bot devices as well




Hi All,

In case anyone else out there runs into this issue where other calls record (external PSTN, internal to desk phone, etc.), but not Jabber to Jabber calls, please note that this is likely a codec issue. 


Jabber (CSF to CSF) calls will typically stand up using G.722.1 codec which is not supported on AQM; therefore, the call does not get recorded. 


In order to resolve this, navigate to the Service Parameters for the Call Manager service, and set OPUS & G.722.1 / G.722.2 codecs to "Enabled for all devices except recording-enabled devices" and the calls will begin to record in AQM. 


Hope this helps!

Dalton Woolsey

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