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Unified Email Interaction Manager 4.3 support with IPCC Express

I am trying to find out information on EIM 4.3 and support with IPCC Express. I see SRNDs, Release Notes, etc. on CCO but nothing says anything about support with IPCC Express 7.x. Does anyone have experience or know of any good docs out there. The customer is interested in a Standalone (rather than integrated) configuration with EIM 4.3.

Thanks in Advance.


You won't find information within CCX if you are looking to do a standalone installation of EIM. The EIM documentation is available here:

Note that I believe you need an ATP to sell this in standalone mode. You may want to evaluate Agent Email that is included with CCX Premium starting in 7.0(1)SR1. It is a more basic email functionality but fits the needs of many CCX Express customers.


Actually, could you elaborate a bit more what you mean by  "EIM support for IPCCX" ? Especially if you mention EIM standalone. My understanding is - if it is standalone, then is has nothing to do with CCX. Or CCE for that matter. I needs no routing decisions from any external source.

My biggest gripe with "agent email" in CCX is that is talks only with MS Exchange and does not support TLS at the moment.


Thank you for the reply.

I will start by saying that I don't know much about the product so my understanding of standalone and integrated is a little limited. Part of my enqury here is to find documentation that outlines the differences, explains the installtion procedures for both options, etc.

By support I mean will TAC support it when we call in for a trouble.

All documentation (that I could find) in CCO is in reference to Enterprise. Below is from the EIM 4.3 install guide. No reference to standalone vs integrated.

Integrating Cisco Interaction Manager with Unified CCE

Cisco Interaction Manager is integrated with Unified CCE by running the Cisco Interaction Manager Integration
Wizard on the application server of Cisco Interaction Manager. If you have more than one application server,
you can run the wizard from any one of them. The wizard imports the media routing domains, agents, and skill
groups information from the Unified CCE database to the Cisco Interaction Manager database.

I have reached out to our local office so hopefully they can help.....

Thanks again...

Regarding TAC support. Hmm... I'm not completely sure. I see no reason why Cisco would not want to support this configuration. I'm running standalone EIM for one of the customers and I don't have any problems regarding requesting help or opening TAC cases. I'm planning to run the same configuration in short future - IPCCX and Standalone EIM+WIM. I don't expect any problems getting support.

Regarding standalone or integrated. First of all - i don't consider myself super expert. Anyway, in very short format - CIM is integrated if it uses any part of ICM routing engine and, as result, reporting. In real world is vice versa - CIM uses ICM routing engine to make decisions. In standalone - CIM is unit in itself, does not know or care about any other system you might have.

Look on EIM-related product description pages on There is overview presentation and there are slides that explain the features in one and the other case.

I hope this helps.




It does help and I appreciate your responses.


The support for integration with UCCX was dropped in 4.3 leaving only one integration option of ICM.   If you require to run EIM in standalone then the UCCX box is mutually exclusive so you can run whatever you like and it will have no effect on the supportability of the deployment.

As you can probably tell by the lack of info there is a move away from non-integrated EIM as this is already sold by Egain to the open market so why compete.  So to answer to your question is you can run standalone and alos have UCCX in the deployment but the two boxes will never meet.   As for the TAC support of standalone I imagine that will disappear soon enough.

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