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Unified Intelligence Centre Report


Is there a way in Intelligence centre to be able to run a cdr report with the number of calls etc where i want to know the specific stats for the same hours during the day (e.g after hours) everyday rather than a 24 hr period. For example


I want to know how many incoming calls are on a specific queue after hours which is from midnight till 6am and 6pm to midnight ( so business hours is 6am-6pm) . Now for me to do this i  need to 2 run 2 reports ( 1 - midnight till 6am 2 -  6pm to midnight).

If i need to do this for a whole month it becomes a mammoth task.


Is there a way to do this in Intelligence centre? if not is there any third party apps that do this? can a query be run against the database? if so what is the exact query people are running.





You can run the "Contact Service Queue Activity Report by Interval Report", which will show you the number of calls for each hourly period. You can run it with hourly intervals for the whole month.


Then extract it to Excel and do a some filtering, SumIf function or pivot table to total the hourly periods you are interested in.


So if there was no calls during an interval it will not display it ? what i mean is when i run that report there is alot intervals that are  missing so im assuming there was no calls during that time?

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