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Upgrade from CRS 3.5(2) to 7.0

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I have two questions about upgrading CRS (IPCC and IVR) from 3.5(2) to 7.0:

(1)Is it possible to reuse all the old scripts? Can we just upload all the scripts to the new system?

(2) Is it possible to let UCCX7.0 and IP IVR 7.0 co-exist on one server?

Thanks a lots.

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Jonathan Schulenberg
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1) You will need to "convert" them. To do this you open the script in the CCX Editor version 7. It will prompt you if a conversion is necessary. It usually will do a good job at this but you should review it's changes manually to make sure.

2) Yes but no: CCX and IPIVR are the same software; the only difference is the license installed which dictates which subsystems are activated. You cannot install both; however, CCX Premium will give you identical IVR functionality to IPIVR.



Are you able to provide the links for the upgrade guide of CRS 3.x to UCCX 7.x?

From what i found, CRS3.5->CRS4.1, CRS4.5->UCCX7.x. So i guess CRS4.1->CRS4.5 is just a simple patch upgrade?



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The first thing to understand is the upgrade path for CCM (now UCM). Each version of CCX has specific versions of CCM/UCM it is compatible with. Generally speaking, an upgrade of one requires an upgrade to the other.

Software and Hardware Compatibility Guide for Cisco  Unified CCX and Cisco Unified IP IVR

The only actual upgrade path is to get to version 4.0(5)a. From there you can upgrade to 7.0 using a migration tool. A full server format is required between 4.x and 7.x for CCX. Also during this migration you will need to migrate UCM to the Linux appliance based model. Plan carefully.

Cisco CRS Installation Guide, 4.0(5)

UCCX Data  Migration Tool Guide 4.0.5x to 7.0.1

Installation Guide for Cisco Unified CCX and Cisco  Unified IP IVR, Release 7.0(1)

In some scenarios there is such a significant amount of work to get from the 3.x train to a current release it is easier to backup the data manually and start over.

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