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Upgrade UCCX 3.5 to 8.0(2)

Jason Pennell

Hello all,

I want to undergo an upgrade to UCCX 8.0(2) from 3.5(4) but I want to skip all of the upgrades in the middle.  It's not a large deployment so I was just going to install UCCX 8.0(2) as a fresh install and recreate the applications, skills, csqs, teams, etc. and I was hoping I could reuse the scripts and prompts from the customer's existing deployment.  Anyone out there see any issues with my plan?  My understanding is that the scripts may need to go through a conversion process and going from 3 to 8 may be too big of a jump so I may have to open the script in say a version 4.0(5) editor and then open it again in a version 7 editor before they will work?  Any insight anyone can provide will be appreciated.


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John Irey

As long as you dont mind losing your historical data, this will be MUCH easier for you than trying to upgrade your way all the way to version 8.

I have opened version 3.5(x) scripts in the 8.02 editor without any issue converting them, but it wouldnt hurt to have maybe a version 7 editor around just in case.  I dont think you will need it.

Make sure you take a look in the scripts for any references to documents outside of the repository.  It was somewhat common practice (although incorecct) to store XML documents in C:\XML or similar paths rather than using the repository.

Thank you John.  I was hoping that would be the answer.  My customer is not concerned with migrating historical data and I'm not referening any local documents on the local drive so we are good there.  As long as the scripts convert ok then I should be in good shape.

If anyone else has any feedback or advice then please let me know otherwise, I will proceed with the fresh install.

Thanks again!

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