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Upgrade uccx from 11.6 to 12.5.1

Dear team ,

I am planning to upgrade CCX version 11.6 to 12.5.1 and have some doubts to clarify

1- do I need to install cop file ?

2- service interruption will raise only during the switch version. correct ? what is the expected time for service interruption?

3- I have converted the current license to smart  so no license issue will be raised after upgrade. is there anything else to do about license ?

4- is there anything required related to VM OS type?

5- Finesse agents will be disconnected in which phase ? will they auto connected after upgrade is done?

please check below


admin:show version active
Active Master Version:
Active Version Installed Software Options:


admin:utils system upgrade status

Upgrade status: Ready to be configured


version to use for upgrade







1.Yes. You need to install cop file.

2. It will take up to 5 or 10minutes.

4. I think you will change VM OS to Cent OS

5. Finesse Agents will be disconnected. I dont think they will auto connect.

I suggest you run backup and perform the upgrade during off hours.


We recently did the very same upgrade and it is not accurate that it would take 5 to 10 minutes for the switch version. It could take substantially longer. Up to around an hour would not be unusual.

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Roger Kallberg
VIP Advisor

You would need to change the guest OS to CentOS 7 64-bit before you start with the upgrade. All of the things that you ask about is covered in the documentation for the upgrade. Recommend you to read the release notes and upgrade guide.

Apart from this there have been three ES updates released for CCX 12.5, recommend you to not stop at the base version in your upgrade.

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thanks to all who responded 

I have read the upgrade guid but there is no clear information about the down time and os type.

I am not vm expert, would you please explain how to change or in which phase exactly I need to change ?

by the way cisco tac said , down time might be extend for 3 hours . which is disaster in my situation and destroy and idea of having HA or cluster

When you upgrade you would do the switch version on one node in the cluster at a time to minimise the impact to service. If you do it correctly there should be little service impact.

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You would change it prior to the start of the upgrade. Please see this note on how to change the guest OS in ESXi

On a side note. There is this conception of search engines, maybe you’ve heard about this. Why not try it out? It took me about 10 seconds to find the above link.

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In the release notes this part is of importance to the changes in the VM.


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In the upgrade guide and release note it links to this web page,

There you find the information about any needed VM settings, including guest OS.

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