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Upgrading UCCX 10.6.1 to 11.0.1

Victor Elizarov
Level 1
Level 1

Hi everybody!

How can I migrate from UCCX 10.6 to 11 version?

As I can see, there is now any .cop upgrade file, I've get .iso via PUT.

So can I perform a backup of my database in 10.6, than install the 11 version and make an restore of my database from 10.6?

Or maybe any other scenario?

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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

UCCX 11.0 is a major release and a “.0” release on the 11.x train and therefore the images had not be posted on CCO but should be ordered via the PUT tool. Only the SU’s will be posted on CCO.

As you already have got it through PUT, there is no need to do as you are mentioning So can I perform a backup of my database in 10.6, than install the 11 version and make an restore of my database from 10.6?

Follow the steps as mentioned below in order to perform this upgrade:

# Create a new folder on desktop name it as UCCX and copy the UCCX 11.0(1) iso that you got from PUT into this folder

# Launch the “Free FTPD Tool”

# Click on Users -> Add -> Enter any login name for example Admin -> Click on Authorization drop down and select “Password stores as SHA1 hash” -> enter any password for example cisco -> Confirm the password -> Click on home directory box and select the UCCX folder from the desktop (in which UCCX 11.0(1) iso is residing) -> uncheck FTP and Check SFTP and click on apply.

# On Free FTPD Settings window click on SFTP -> Click on “Listen Address” and enter the IP Address of your PC -> Port = 22 -> Max. no. of connections = 0 , Idle timeout = 0 -> SFTP root directory and select the UCCX folder created on desktop (in which UCCX 11.0(1) iso is residing). -> Click on Apply & Save -> Click on Start -> Server status should be running.

# Go to Command line interface of the UCCX primary server.

# Run the following command
utils system upgrade initiate

# Enter following information –

Please select an option: 1 ( Remote File system ) Directory:\
Server: IP Address of PC
User Name: User name created on Free FTPD for example Admin
Password: Created on Free FTPD for example cisco
Protocol: 1 ( for SFTP )

# Choose the UCCX 11.0(1) iso and install the same:

# Once the installation on the primary server is successful please proceed with installing it on the secondary server as well in case of HA.

## Run the below commands to capture the active and inactive partition details of the system:
show version active
show version ianctive

# Please proceed with the switch version using the below command, first on primary and once the server comes up successfully, proceed with doing the same on secondary server

utils system switch-version

One thing that I want to highlight here which I believe is very important. For the upgrade purpose, you need non bootable ISO but I believe on PUT tool the iso is bootable which is required for fresh installation.

If that is the case and the ISO that you got from PUT tool reads as Bootable_UCSInstall_UCCX_11_0_1_UCOS_11.0.1.10000-75.sgn.iso then this means it is a bootable image and may not show up when you will issue the below command from CLI:

utils system upgrade initiate

If above is the case then do below workaround:

1) Right click on the UCCX VM via vSphere client, go to Edit Settings >> CD/DVD drive and select the bootable ISO under Datastore ISO file option. Make sure both the boxes i.e., Connected and Connect at Power On on top right hand side are checked

2) After this, go to Cisco Unified OS Administration page >> Software Upgrades >> Install/Upgrade and choose the source as DVD/CD, that way it should work

If it still does not work, then contact TAC and ask them to publish the non bootable image which should read something like below and use it then for the upgrade


Find the link below for UCCX 11 Install and Upgrade Guide as well:




Hi Deepak,

From 10.6SU1 -> 11 will it upgrade the OS as well?

Can we make the upgrade during production time, skipping the Switch-Overs to a Maintenance Window?



Yes Rui, you can do that (i.e, upgrade during production and SV during maintenance) since upgrading from 10.6 SU1 to 11 is a Standard/L2 upgrade and not RU.