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Users get kicked off Desktop Call Agent

I have several users that repeatedly get logged out of the call agent. They have ruled out the ISP and I would like to know how to check the timeout feature and the total user/license limits.

(CISCO Call Manager 4.1)

Thanks, Chet


What are they doing when they get kicked off? Just being logged in? Do they happen to miss a call, then get kicked?


What version of IPCC are you using? Is it Enterprise or Express, and what is the version? Also, are they getting logged out, or moved to not-ready?


IPCC Express Premium 4.0(4)_Build140 Remote users are getting logged out. User reportd that they are not missing calls and that they are not loosing interet conectivity.

Thanks ,Chet



Here are a few thoughts...

1) License Usage Report - I haven't found an easy way to do this, so I usually do an Agent State or Logged in based report for the entire system for a day at a time for a couple of weeks. Agents will only show up if they are logged in, and with a couple weeks of data I can conjecture about what our usage is, and I try to maintain about 10 to 15% cushion. I don't think an agent already logged in would get disconnected if you were at license restrictions, but I do think a new agent logging in would be rejected.

2) The reason I asked for the clarification regarding logout or not-ready was that I have had a problem before where agents would get marked not-ready (like they missed a call) due to a configuration problem. The problem was that there were a few ports in the JTAPI port group that had mis-configured Calling Search Spaces, so when they tried to connect the call they couldn't. An easy thing to check would be to pull an Agent State Detail report for a time when they were "logged off", and see the events. If they were marked not-ready due to not answering a call that would be an indication of this problem.

I hope this helps...



Thanks very much for the advice Joe. I havn't had a chance to run Logged in or Agent state reports yet (Where do I run them?) but I did notice 2 things when I check the user's account in Call Manager 1 .The line is "Shared" and 2. The Directory Number counfiguration has 4 devices associated with it. One of which is the Agent (rmjtapi)?

The plot thickens


the agent line cannot be shared line appearance. And also check the CSS of the users phone device.