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VVB 11.6 ES82 issue

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I installed VVB ES82 on 11.6 and now I can't execute more than one Call Studio Digits element per phone call. The VVB seems to throw nomatch on every Digits element after the first one. Has anyone else seen this with ES82?


It doesn't seem to be an issue when using the Number Element in Studio, just the Digits.
It seemed to be fine before ES82.


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What version does ES82 correlate to? I have:

Active Version

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Here's what's on my VVB that no longer allows multiple Digits elements in one phone call


show version active:

Master Version:




Janine, Do you managed to find a solution for this, i too face a similar issue in my lab.

Did this got fixed in ES83 ?

Hi, I don't believe ES83 addresses the issue of only 1 Digits element only working per phone call.
I removed ES82 to get the Digits elements to work.
I hope Cisco fixes this issue soon.

There is another thing i heard from my team that the digit works well for a specific site which has the same ES82 COP, checked with them and they didn't had any specific configurations done but still the digit works. Ill need to deep dive into this to analyse on what differs in both environment, will comeback if i found something.

Got a reply for the team that the solution has only ES22 and ES82, with these the digit collection works perfectly. Do you have all ES installed in your environment or any specific ES COPS ?

I had ES 81 and ES82 only, when the multiple Digits element had the problem.

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