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VVB and static host entries

We are in the process of migrating from VXML gateway to Virtual Voice browser and the ICM scripts are using custom hostnames for mediaserver url. These hostnames are resolved on VXML gateway utilizing the IP host commands. Similarly is there a configuration parameter on VVB to put these static host entries?

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The following command can be used to add static host entries with VVB

admin:utils vvb add host-to-ip mediaserver

Hi Preetham, 

We want to send some params from vgw to distinguish source at vvb, then it will be pass to cvp. So we will use this params in cvp script.

So it is possible to do that? 

Because due to existing cisco-ios-vgw  we are using some parameters like that: 

service TestAA flash:CVPSelfService.tcl
param survive survive
paramspace english index 0
paramspace english language en
paramspace english location flash
param CVPBackupVXMLServer
param CVPSelfService-app TestAA|var2=1234U|var3=2
param CVPSelfService-port 7000
paramspace english prefix en
param keepalive TestAA
param CVPSelfService-SSL 0
param CVPPrimaryVXMLServer

Of course this usage will be obsolete in our new gateways.

So can we imitate this config in our new gateways ? Or something corresponding ? 




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